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Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts

By Anne (annetaul@home.com)

The more that happens, the better I get to know him, the more convinced I am of how great Commander Rabb, uh... Harm.. is. He actually told me the other day to call him Harm, at least while we were in his apartment. I felt honored. He's so smart, and he always finds out the truth, because that's really what he's interested in.

When we started investigating Petty Officer Harridan's death, it looked like a simple training accident. But when Commander Rabb ,,er...Harm found out the circumstances in which Chief Connors's weapon killed him, he had to bring charges against the SEAL - it was just too coincidental.

Major MacKenzie defended Connors. It was really weird seeing her on the opposite side from Commander Rabb. They work so well together that I'd almost forgotten that they could be adversaries. But this case proved that they could fight both in and out of the courtroom. I hated seeing that.

Harm egged her on a little bit. I think he knew she was a little nervous about the case, so he misled her some. But, of course, he never lied. He just knew that her client wasn't telling her everything,

The Major and the Commander have such different styles. She seems to take things a little more personally. For him, though, what happens in the courtroom stays there. It doesn't effect his life outside work. They clashed over that. I think they've finally made up now, but for a while there, i had to wonder if they would ever really be friends again.

Then there was the day that Commander Rabb...er...Harm (still can't get used to that) fired off the automatic weapon in the courtroom. I don't mind to say that it really scared me. Everybody took cover, and nobody could believe that an attorney would do something like that. Very strange!

The deceased's family didn't seem too cooperative. His dad was so sure that his son would get a Navy Cross for his heroic death. He did, but by the time Commander Rabb had exposed the real truth about his death it seemed a little empty.

I did a lot of investigation on this one - I'm getting pretty good at that - even Commander Rabb...uh....Harm.. seems to think so. We discovered that Petty officer Harridan had been taking AZT, a drug for HIV and AIDS patients. I didn't want to pursue this, cause that kind of stuff makes me a little nervous. You know, the Navy has strict policies about those kinds of guys. But Commander Rabb wouldn't quit. As soon as he knew about the pills, he managed to figure out the truth about how Harridan really died. He even managed to get Chief Connors to talk about it.

You have to admire the way Chief Connors kept the secret and fought to protect his buddy's reputation. He went to such great lengths to make sure that nobody found out about Harridan's medical condition. I wonder if I could do that for a friend? I hope so.

Can you imagine how the father must have felt when he found out that his son had committed suicide just to keep from disappointing him? My dad and I have never been close like that; I guess that's why I don't really get that.

On this case, we got to see how these young SEALS were heroes - for themselves and for each other. But, if you ask me, the real hero here is Commander Rabb....er....Harm. He just wouldn't quit until he knew the whole truth.