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In Their Own Words - Rendezvous

Harm    Mac    Bud    Harriet

 Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts 

By Pat (SSbpMN@aol.com)

I arrived at Norfolk this morning and was astounded to find Ensign Harriet Sims already there. Astounded and pleased. She and I...well let me say there's a solid connection forming there and I couldn't be more pleased.

She will be helping Commander Rabb, and I of course am assisting Major Mackenzie. She and I will be on opposite sides. I hoped that was not going to be a problem. I really want to get to know this woman. Closely.

I was fascinated by the testimony that first day, not to mention the back and forth between the Major and the Commander. I learn more from them in a day in court than I do in a week of law school.

Finally, I was dismissed for the day and took Harriet to the beach. The same locale of the 'submarine races', though I knew we would not be leaving any used wrappers lying around. To my disappointment. Though I have to admit I do not think of Harriet in those terms. She is different---and special. We started talking about the Seahawk and the view of the sky from there and how we went to the Signal's Bridge catwalk to marvel at the stars.

Harriet thought she saw a shooting star but it was a satellite. I told her I could wish anyway...for a kiss. And it almost happened too, until I thought that we might be encamped on the murder site. Talk about a mood killer.

The testimony went on this morning. I sat with my mouth open most of the time, just watching the Commander and the Major working -- working the witnesses and each other. Please God, let me be half that good. It's like a good tennis match. Even though technically I'm on the Major's side, I can appreciate when Commander Rabb scores, and it goes back and forth.

One thing I'd like to say right here is that whatever is between them out of court will not be affected by what happens in the courtroom. They are better than that.

Back to the beach tonight. I can't help it. I enjoy her company, and there's something about the sea and the night and the stars. And wine. Harriet and I...well we laughed and talked and confessed that we liked each other...a lot. And we kissed. Finally. Until that damn satellite distracted me and I realized what it was doing. So much for privacy.


Mrs. Holst broke down on the stand today and admitted she wanted her husband dead. I felt bad for her. I know my personal feelings are not supposed to come into play, but I couldn't help it. And if she's acting, she deserves an Academy Award.

The Commander surprised me this morning by complementing Major MacKenzie's courtroom performance. Well not really surprised in that he noticed, because I know he does. Be it that they're on the same or opposing sides, he watches her.

First the Commander and then the Major asked if I was OK. I need to work on my presence. I then attempted to explain to Major Mackenzie about the satellite and how I got the picture. Finally I had to give her the picture, showing Chief Holst was in fact present that night. I hated to do it. I have to agree with her here--the man is a miserable lying sonofabitch. I'm just glad what to do with the photo is not my choice. All the law school in the world doesn't help with those kinds of decisions. What's right and what I want are not coming together here.

After a while I found the Major by the water and apologized. I really believed I had screwed up but she assured me I did the right thing. At first I didn't understand. I was so grateful she took the time to explain that we were the defense, and under no obligation to turn over the photo. She has ordered me to shred it.

I did as ordered, not happy. And I told Harriet being a lawyer at this point sucks. I'm having doubts, big time. I hurt her and for that I was sorry, but I was hurting too.


What happened in court baffled me--Harriet, walking in and handing Commander Rabb the photo. Naturally Major Mackenzie looked to me. It was all more than clear a few minutes later. Justice was done.

And that night I got my own justice. On the beach. A beautiful night. A beautiful woman. And that satellite be damned. It can take all the pictures it wants. I am falling in love, and not worried who knows it.


Thanks to Susan for the beta


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.