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In Their Own Words - Rendezvous

Harm    Mac    Bud    Harriet

Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. 

By Sue (smdine64@hotmail.com)

It can be frustrating going up against Mac. Especially on THIS case. What little that I know of her past makes me think this is bringing up what I don't know. I think it has already affected her. We usually talk more near the start (actually, all through) of our cases. Not to mention the fact that I've been away for a bit, already seeing to the case. I thought she'd miss me, at least a little.

This case is dragging out. Mrs. Holst won't talk, which I think is because of fear. Her husband is, in my opinion (I promise it's not affecting my work), going to get what he deserves. We've got a strong case against him. I just hope the case doesn't hurt Mac. She's becoming a good friend. Now, to talk to Mrs. Holst...


The case is going better. I don't think Mac is, though. A lot of people think she is a great person so I wonder why it's so hard for her to believe that someone is seriously worried about her. Me being that someone. I still have to tell Mac about those letters.


Geez, Mac took practically everything I said the wrong way! I'm not trying to sandbag her again...not that I did it before. I was just trying to inform her about the evidence. Lately, she seems prone to believe the worst of people. Is it me? Her memories of her father? Or maybe Holst? Anyway, I could've sworn it was my face on that punching bag earlier. The whole situation made me angry too! Doesn't she think we're friends? She can tell me stuff. I'm not the enemy! She does have a point though. I don't know a lot about her feelings. Yet.

She hides them so well. How can I know if she doesn't show them to me? So far, I've definitely seen her anger. I don't like provoking her, but maybe it's the only way to get her to open up. She has to know I care about her as a friend. I told her!


After we both had time to cool off, I went to Mac at her quarters. Boy, was I startled when she opened the door in a bathrobe! At least it shows she's comfortable enough with me, even if it is a little distracting. I didn't know the extent of what Mac went through. I just don't get how a man could hit a woman or a child. The story of his behavior nearly made me sick. I may be right about her father not murdering her mother, but it doesn't make him any better of a man in my eyes. Who am I to judge her father? Just because I can't imagine hurting someone who was my wife or my child? I'm glad Mac and I have reached an understanding.


What a case! Mrs. Holst surprised us all. Poor Bud. I hope his hope in being a lawyer was restored. That satellite picture basically closed the case. How could it not? It seems Bud and Harriet are getting cozy. They're acting like teenagers with their first love. I am glad Holst was guilty. Now, we can get home and the Admiral will have this troublesome case behind him. As will we. Mac's back to her usual, bantering self. I knew she was strong enough to win this case where it counts. Life as a JAG lawyer is certainly different than life as a pilot. Maybe even more difficult!


Thanks to Susan for the beta


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.