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Harm     Mac    Bud    Clay    AJ    Tiner

Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr.

By Kim (MCK8686@aol.com)

Life at JAG is never dull. We started the day routinely enough but I knew something was wrong when the Admiral had Tiner tell me to bring the Clausen file instead of the Billings file we were scheduled to go over. In the Clausen case, private Clausen took his CO hostage. Didnít take me long to figure out thatís what was happening right under our noses. We found out he was being held by a Corporal Jason Magida.

He took Mac and Bud hostage, too. You have no idea how hard it was to stand there and feel so helpless. Magida was so unstable Iím amazed he could even hold his gun. We had to be careful with whatever we did so he wouldnít accidentally shoot one of them. I wasnít as worried about the Admiral or Bud but I was more afraid for Mac. I know if she heard me say that sheíd have a fit. Sheís a kickass Marine and Marines can take care of themselves. So sue me for being protective of her. She is my partner, after all.

The whole thing didnít feel right from the beginning. Magida took a huge risk coming right into Ops to take the Admiral. He asked for all of the records on his case and when we tried to get them Tiner was told they were sealed. Now why would a court martial case be sealed unless there was something to hide? I had to call Webb because heís the only one I know of who could get the records. When they arrived, I talked Magida into letting Bud go and damn it if he didnít disobey a direct order. He said he could leave his fellow mates. Even though it was a foolhardy move, I was proud of him for refusing to back down. He showed a backbone I wasnít sure he had. For all the knowledge he shows, heís still so young and inexperienced about some matters.

Webb isÖ well, Webb is Webb but I knew was hiding something about this case. Heís the best Iíve ever met at stepping around an issue. I know thatís his job and who he is but itís frustrating to go into something blind and be stonewalled. But he can be such an ass when he wants to be. I know he didnít want to help me at all but I wouldnít let it go. My only thought at that point was to get all of them out of the Admiralís office without someone getting killed. When I called for SRT to come handle the situation, I thought that would be the best way to handle it but their leader, Captain Osbourne, just made things worse. I found out that he was supposed to be former CIA but there is no such a thing. He was a jackass and he was trigger-happy. His only intention was to take out Magida and he didnít care how he accomplished it.

He almost succeeded later. I was in the office when he tried to kill Magida by coming through the air ducts to the Admiralís office. When we got him down into the office it was a standoff between me and Osbourne. Afterward, Magida told me he was glad I didnít have to shoot because there were no bullets in his gun. The only thing I could do after that was laugh.


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