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In Their Own Words - Trinity

Harm    Mac    AJ

Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr.

By Sandra Adair (Korbella@yahoo.com)

Belfast ... a pretty city. It's a shame that we have to be here for such an ugly reason. This case has the potential to be truly difficult. The Irish police were not exactly welcoming, especially after I interrupted their "interview" of Lieutenant Nevins. I think they see us as interfering in their case, getting in the way of catching an IRA terrorist. They have lost sight of the welfare of the child but that's okay - I won't.

The Lieutenant certainly has a hard road before her. She obviously still has strong feelings for Lorcan, the father of her baby. I don't understand that, not really, but perhaps it's true what Mac said, that you can't always pick the people you end up with, it just happens. Do I believe that? Even a little bit? I don't want to - I want to believe that I have more control over my life than that, but ... maybe she is right.

After Mac and I talked with the Lieutenant this afternoon and Mac told me about their conversation at the police station, I could see how a father might kidnap his own son so he could spend a little time with him. It is only natural for a father, even a terrorist father, to want to know his son. And the prospect of his boy moving thousands of miles away with no real way to ever see him again ... I can empathize with that desperation a little. I would do anything to see my father one more time. Hopefully some day I will.


Finally, a quiet moment. The last two days have left me dog tired and I sure was glad to see the queen bed in my embassy room tonight. Mac and I leave in the morning for the States with Lieutenant Nevins and her baby.

Two days ago she and I were kidnapped by Lorcan because we had been asking about him in various places. I suspected I was talking to Lorcan as soon as he started questioning me but I knew for sure when he reassured me that Lieutenant Nevins was not a concern. Boy, was I surprised when I found out that he was not the kidnapper! Next thing I knew I was busy plotting with an IRA terrorist. I wonder if this is what the Admiral had in mind when he sent us over here as "advisors."

It's funny but I grew to like the guy. He earned my respect and I'll even admit to some admiration. He had an incredible strength of will and very strong convictions. He died for those same convictions and you don't often see that these days. He was also very concerned about his son's safety as well as Lieutenant Nevins. It's too bad little Jimmy will grow up without the chance to know his father firsthand, but only through the memories of others. Thank God I had five years with my Dad and most of my memories of Dad are my own.

Lieutenant Nevins is a strong woman and I know she will make it. She has her family to return to and they will help her raise Jimmy. Who knows? Perhaps in her lifetime this war will be resolved and Jimmy will have the opportunity to get to know his father's side of the family as well. One can only hope that someday soon peace will come to this beautiful country.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.