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Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden

By Jo (jhuppcla@knox.net)

I didn't like dealing with the CIA back in 'Nam and I don't like it now. Mr. Webb may say he's from the State Dept. but I know better. I also have a good idea that he was involved in getting Major MacKenzie transferred to my staff. I don't know why, but he wanted her on this case.

That may be the only good thing about this mess. Major MacKenzie has an outstanding record both as an investigator and as a litigator. She may give Rabb a run for his money. And hopefully she'll be able to temper his 'eagerness' a bit better than Lt. Austin.

Rabb was awarded his DFC today. Commander Lindsay told me something that

Admiral Brovo said before he retired from JAG - for all the trouble, he makes lawyers look good.

I just hope Lt. Austin's 'replacement,' Lt. Roberts, doesn't try to take after him. She recommended him before transferring out. I hope his computer skills can match hers.


Well, Lt. Roberts has apparently lost his superiors in the desert. I didn't think the Major would take any of Rabb's crap, but I guess I was wrong. Unless this has to do with why she's on this assignment. I'll strangle Mr. Webb if he's set my people up.


Mr. Webb is fortunate in that he declined to join us for the debriefing. Otherwise I might be up on assault charges. I don't like my people being set up, especially good officers made to chose between duty and family.


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