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Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts

By Jo (jhuppcla@knox.net)

When Lieutenant Austin told me that she had recommended me for Legal Assistant at JAG, I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure I even managed to tell her 'thank you.' But here I am, Washington, DC, assigned to Judge Advocate General headquarters of the Navy. Well, actually the headquarters is in Falls Church, which is actually in Virginia . . . Never mind, I'm here.


Admiral Chegwidden is, well, a different sort of commanding officer than I've ever worked under. He used to be a SEAL - doing secret missions with night vision goggles and stealth equipment. That is so cool! He's really tough. But every so often I see cracks of something else. Like at the ceremony for Commander Rabb's DFC today. I don't really know how to say it, but he looked proud - not like he was just proud that his officer had done well, in fact, he wasn't even the JAG when Commander Rabb earned the medal, but more like a parent.


And Commander Rabb is really cool, too. When I met him the first time he came to the Seahawk when Lieutenant Arutti went missing, he was only a Lieutenant and now he's a Lieutenant Commander. He hasn't really changed, though I guess he looks a little older now. He used to fly tomcats off carriers, but now he's a lawyer and I get to work with him. He's a nice guy, too. He just grinned when I got on the Admiral's nerves, I think it was sympathetic or maybe he was laughing at the Admiral or - I don't know, but he's nice.


Major MacKenzie, on the other hand, I don't know. She didn't talk about anything but the case. She's a marine, and none of the Marines on the Seahawk even spoke to me, so I don't really know it they're all like that or not. I knew a couple of guys who were in the Marine option in ROTC, but that was college and when we weren't drilling or something, we all acted like regular guys. Anyhow, she didn't say much to me, but I guess she's nice. She seemed kind of amused when I forgot that I was the junior officer and should get in the car first.


Mr. Webb is not nice. He doesn't like me. But I got the impression that he doesn't really like anyone. The Admiral didn't seem to like Mr. Webb, either. He's sort of in charge of this case, though I don't really know why the State is working with the Navy. Why isn't it just being handled by the FBI? He said they think Marines are involved but I don't really think that's the reason and I don't think anyone else does either. Major MacKenzie was acting kinda weird, too. I mean, I don't know how she normally acts, but it just seemed weird.


Commander Rabb and Major MacKenzie are missing. Mr. Webb's been tracking them, which is illegal. I don't think they're in trouble, but Mr. Webb sure got upset. Commander Rabb suspected that Mr. Webb was tracking them and I guess he and Major MacKenzie found a way around it. They ditched their car and borrowed a truck from a gas station.


I'm in a helo and it's awfully hard to write, so I'll quit now.


Colonel O'Hara is Major MacKenzie's uncle!!! I guess that's how she knew where to find him. I think Mr. Webb knew about that along and that's why she got assigned to this case. I'm glad that Commander Rabb and Major MacKenzie tricked him. Colonel O'Hara seems like a good guy and I can tell that Major MacKenzie really looks up to him. I'm glad that Commander Rabb volunteered to defend him in court, though I doubt it's going to be easy.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.