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In Their Own Words - We, the People

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Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of State Clayton Webb

By Tracy (hmtomcat@earthlink.net)

Re: Declaration of Independence recovery operation

So far, everything has gone according to plan. The Defenders fell for it. The mail truck was hijacked right on schedule and shortly, ZNN will be reporting that the convoy hijacked was carrying nuclear weapons. That should be enough to negate any public support the average American might feel for the members of this militia. Speaking out against the government is one thing. Stealing nuclear weapons is another. As long as the public doesn't know the truth of what really happened, they will back up anything the government might do to bring these people down.

I've been ordered to work with the Navy on this, since the members of the Defenders are Marines, or they used to be. This will be a CIA operation all the way, under the guise of State, and I will make sure the Navy is aware of that. Working with the Navy does have one minor perk. It allows me to utilize an ace that I have found. With my connections, it took almost no effort to get a certain Marine Major temporarily assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corps for this little assignment. And if everything else continues to go as planned, she should lead me right to her uncle.


This is a minor setback, nothing more. Colonel O'Hara, the head of the Defenders, somehow managed to get on ZNN and reveal what really happened - that it was the Declaration of Independence, and not nuclear weapons, which was stolen. I've already got people at work, spinning this to our advantage.

I cannot believe these Navy people. Or maybe I can. I guess they really do stick up for their own. They're acting like the theft of the Declaration is no big deal. While I'd expect that attitude - although somewhat hidden to avoid arousing suspicions - from Major Mackenzie, it is surprising coming from the rest of them. The Admiral sounds like he admires the man. And Commander Rabb doesn't think he's an extremist. Well, what would he know? Of course, the Major agrees with Rabb's view. She would. She's simply interested in protecting her uncle. But that's what makes her so useful to this op.

It doesn't even seem to faze these people when I tell them our new cover story - that the Defenders stole the Declaration for money. I'm not sure what the Admiral's thinking. Rabb seems suspicious of the story, but I'm sure with enough spin that he'll buy it, just like everyone else. Mackenzie doesn't say a word. Maybe she's afraid that she'll say too much.

And now, the Admiral's trying to exert his influence by insisting that all three of his officers accompany me. The plan always was to have Major Mackenzie accompany me and I'd expected Commander Rabb to come along just because he has a reputation as JAG's hot-shot investigator. But he's just a lawyer. I shouldn't have any problem pointing him in the direction in which I want him to go while the Major leads us to her uncle. But what am I supposed to do with an over-eager kid? Sometimes, it's those ones who are the most dangerous to carefully planned ops. There is no place in my business for enthusiasm.

But the Admiral isn't listening to any of it. This two-star, whom you would expect to know the game of politics and how to play it, has just turned into a grizzly bear and is not backing down. Am I supposed to be impressed that he's an ex-SEAL? I suppose I should be thankful that *he* isn't coming around on this op. God help us all if that were the case.


Like I said, it's the eager kids you have to look out for. That Lieutenant nearly blew everything with the ZNN crew by mentioning rivet joint. Now I have to play damage control so that ZNN doesn't mention it and alert the Colonel to what I'm planning. Again, the Navy protects it's own, as Rabb and Mackenzie don't seem to think it's any big deal.

Now, I just have to hope that Mackenzie doesn't have a chance to spill the beans first. She's opted to stay behind while the rest of us go to check out the hijack site. That does work out perfect for me in a way. Now I just have to wait and I'll have all of the Defenders right where I want them.

Another little wrinkle - now Rabb wants out of the chopper so he can go with Mackenzie. He claims he gets air sick - which I know is bogus. But there's not a lot I can do or say without arousing his suspicions. So I instruct the pilot to land us. Now, I have to wait for Mackenzie to ditch him before she can lead us to her uncle. I shouldn't have to wait long. I'm sure family loyalty will win out and she won't wait long before getting rid of Rabb to go after the Colonel.


The Colonel's latest transmission didn't last long enough for us to pinpoint his exact location. Our best bet is still Mackenzie leading us to her uncle. I just hope she's managed to shake free of Rabb since the last time we monitored their cell phones. The military seems to be conspiring against me to keep this op from coming to a successful conclusion. I get stuck baby-sitting the kid while Rabb and Mackenzie are busy getting lost in the desert. I thought military officers were supposed to be smarter than that.

Now what's going on? We've got another signal from Rabb's cell phone, but that's not him on it. It takes another moment before it sinks in. Damn. This op has gone completely south. Mackenzie didn't ditch Rabb. Somehow, they figured out what was going on and both of them managed to ditch us. After we bring down the defenders, I'm going to make sure both of them get court-martialed right along side the members of the militia.

And I'm still stuck dealing with the kid. A little knowledge is very dangerous. He figures out right away how we were tracking Rabb and Mackenzie. I don't want to bring him along, but at this point I don't need him to go telling the Admiral what I've done. If he's with me, at least I can keep an eye on him. There's got to be something about this operation that I can still control.


We got the Declaration back. That's about the only thing that I can say went right with this operation. Rabb and Mackenzie came out of this smelling like roses - Roberts was giving me dirty looks as I told the Admiral my story, probably ready to jump in should I say one negative word about the two of them. But it doesn't matter. I'm not going to rat them out. It gives me something to hold over their heads and who knows when that might come in handy.

Not that I ever want to work with these JAG people again. They seem to have little regard for order, discipline and well-laid plans. Too much improvisation and I definitely don't need that on my ops. Nope. In my carefully ordered universe, I would be very fortunately never to hear the words 'Judge Advocate General Corps' ever again.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.