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Rules of the Road

These are the "rules of the road" for the JAG diaries project. All submissions need to follow these guidelines. If there are any questions, please contact me.

1. Cannon - For the purposes of this project, all authors need to follow the established cannon of the show. That means that you can't go changing facts about the characters, their lives, or the episodes in your writing. If you don't know the answer to a question, please ask me or post it to one of the yahoogroups lists (the shipper and JAG lists are usually good sources). In addition, I will be putting together a fact list about each character, derived from watching the episodes and other resources. In the event that a question doesn't have an answer, (ie. what happened at Uncle Matt's trial, where Harm went to law school, etc.), if the author wants to come up with a reasonable theory, please talk to me about it. Once a theory is included, it becomes part of the cannon and everyone else has to abide by that. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that all authors stay true to the character of JAG and that there is a measure of consistency in the portrayal of the characters.

2. Length - I'm going to use the same guidelines as one of my professors - it's like a woman's skirt, it needs to be long enough to cover what it needs to, but short enough to make it interesting. For some characters, the entire episode could be covered in one short entry. For others, it may be necessary to have several entries, written from different points in the episode. I'm trusting each author's judgment to do what makes sense.

3. Sign-ups - If you desperately want to be a certain character in a certain episode, speak up! Preferably before the sign-up message goes out. I will do everything possible to make sure that you get it. Once the sign-up goes out (and I will usually give you some warning as to when to expect it), I will take requests on the first come, first served principle. Please check the deadlines before you sign up and only sign up for the episodes that you know you can get done in time. If something comes up, I understand it happens to all of us. Please just let me know as early as possible. I will be looking for one person to sign up as a "understudy" for each episode. This means that you would be willing to cover any character from that episode if someone backs out at the last minute.

4. Submission - Once completed, please run the entry through a spell checker before mailing to me. I would rather have the entries cut and pasted in an e-mail, but if you need to use attachments, please talk to me in advance. Please send it to this e-mail address (JAGdiaries@cs.com) and in the subject line, please put in caps EPISODE NAME, CHARACTER NAME. Once all entries are complete, I will put them together and post them to the lists.

I'm asking that in the future everyone abide by the following formatting:

A. Please spell out all ranks (ie. Lieutenant Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Admiral). Please do not abbreviate ranks (ie. Lt., Lt. Comm. Capt., Adm. etc),

B. Please put one space between paragraphs and don't tab in for a new paragraph. See example:

When I first heard about this case, I didn't know what to make of it. It sounded like an open and shut case, but then why were we being assigned it. But orders are orders.

On the plane ride we...

C. To signify a seperate entry, please put one blank line

then ~*~*~*~*~*

and then another blank line.

Again, this is helpful in keeping things uniform.

5. Posting - As of this moment, the JAG Diaries will be posted to the Article 78, Shipper and ShipperFic lists. I am also constructing a web site where the complete diaries will be posted.

6. Web Site - The JAG diaries web site will contain the completed diaries and eventually also a resource guide for each of the characters. I hope this will be helpful to the authors. It will contain the cannon from the show (and other sources) as well as the cannon established for this project. I will also have a short description of the plot of each episode. I don't have an address for this web site yet, but hope to some time this week if all goes well.

7. Video Tapes - I have asked most of you whether you have tapes of the JAG episodes and most have some portion on tape. If you want to sign up for an episode and need a copy of some tapes, I am going to be offering to sell copies of my JAG tapes. These tapes are edited copies of episodes taped from USA and I must admit that some of the editing isn't so great. To make this practical, I will be willing to sell copies of each tape (ie. what I have on the tape is what you get) to anyone in the US for a reasonable fee (probably around $7 for one tape). I still need to finalize this and will send an e-mail with the details once I've figured them out.