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The Historic Vehicle scene in Singapore is alive and well. This is quite an achievement given the considerable cost of running a motorcar in this country and years of legislation not conducive to old car ownership. Classic cars (>35 years old) represent less than 1% of vehicles on the road in Singapore.

Recently (1999) there was a change in the rules to allow a special Classic Car registration. This is not compulsory but is offered to owners of classic cars that fit the scheme's requirements. The purpose of this was to recognise the historical value of classic cars and thus provide a less expensive means by which to keep these cars registered and running in Singapore. This enabled owners of classic cars to benefit from what is roughly an equivalent to club plates in other countries such as Australia. This also forced an offical definition of a Classic in Singapore. (See below).
Car schemes in Singapore
Classic scheme
Car is older than 35 years. (Rolling period so in 2000 cars built before 1966, in 2008 it is before 1973 and so on).
Car can only be used for 28 days a year.

"Classic cars are not meant to serve the ordinary transport needs of their owners, although owners will be allowed to drive on a restricted basis of up to 28 days a year. This will allow them to bring their cars for exhibitions, inspections and servicing.
...Only existing Singapore-registered cars that meet the eligibility criteria may be converted to Classic Cars. Once converted to a Classic Car, it cannot be converted to a normal or off-peak car. Importation of cars for registration under the scheme is also not allowed." - LTA website
Vintage Scheme
If a car was manufactured before 1940 it must be registered as a Vintage.
Slightly different to the Classic scheme you can elect for the 28 day limit or for full registration.
In the case of 28 day registration, special plates must be attached (see right)
Importing to Singapore
Bringing in a Classic?
Now possible. Cars that satisfy the defintion of classic can be imported into Singapore. The costs associated are high however as the importer must pay the 110% Additional registration fee in addition to the customs and GST. This makes for expensive classic car ownership. Ironically this makes post war classics in Singapore harder to get hold of than Vintage or Veteran cars. The Classic scheme was introduced to ensure that representatives of this era in Singapore's automotive history are retained. Note you are still not permitted to import cars previously registered in Singapore.

Bringing in a Vintage?

The Vintage category (pre 1940) - in this category a car can only be imported once certified by the MSVCR. Importation does not attract the usual vehicle import taxes (approx. 137% of market value) unless you intend to sell the vehicle on.

Also again please note the LTA's rule that no car can be re-registered in Singapore. Check to make sure you car has not been here before!
Historic Racing - F1 fever
2008 is the year of the Singapore F1 night race. The first of its kind in at night and in a city. Preparations are already well in advance for the event in September.

For the historic racing scene, Singapore is virgin territory given Singapore's almost complete motor racing abstinence since 1973.  But times are changing. Look out for historic vehicle events this year around the F1 events. Not quite Eastern Creek but with the Changi racing circuit due in the next year of so expectations are high.

Historic Racing - F1 fever #2
More! Look out for a book on the history of the Singapore Grand Prix due out in June 2008. Written by fellow MSVCR member and consumate regional automotive historian Eli Solomon this book will be the authoritive text on the SGP held at Upper Thomson from 1961-1973. Named after the corners and features of the Thomson street circuit the book traces the history of the event and details the records of the races. A particular feature are the many archival and personal collection photographs of the period some of which have never before been published. Forewords by Sir Jack Brabham & local racing legend [and winner of the SGP] Rodney Seow.
Vintage. Veteran, pre war, post vintage, post war, post classic, classic, late classic, super classic and modern classic?!?!

There are a number of classifications that exist for cars. The ones accepted are the catagories of Antique, Veteran and Vintage covering the period upto 1931. Beyond that however and there seems to be no commonly agreed series of classifications.

This list is from South African Veteran and Vintage Association
CLASS A Antique built prior to December 31st 1904
Veteran built between January 1905 & December 31st 1918
Vintage built between January 1919 & December 31st 1930
Post Vintage Built between January 1931 & December 31st 1945
Post 1945 built between January 1946 & December 31st 1960
Post 1960 built between January 1961 & December 31st 1980

The Targa Tasmania provided the following categories:
Category 1 Historic  up to 1946
Category 2 Thoroughbred 1947 - 1961
Category 3 Early Classic  1962 - 1965
Category 4 Classic 1966 - 1971
Category 5 Late Classic  1972 - 1976
Category 6 Post Classic 1977 - 1981
Category 7 Early Modern 1982 - 1990
Category 8 Late Modern 1991 - 1997
Category 9 Contemporary 1998 - Present Day

And to confuse it some more the auction houses use the list below
ANTIQUE = upto 1904
VETERAN = 1905-1918
VINTAGE = 1919-1930
POST VINTAGE = 1931-1945
CLASSIC = 1946-1964
POST CLASSIC = 1965-1974
MODERN = 1975 - today

Add to this the American classifications of Milestone cars as well as their interpretation of classic (restricted to certain models and makes of vehicles built before 1960 only) and you pretty much give up and choose whatever fits your club's needs.
Clubs in Singapore

There are two main clubs catering to classics, but only one of which caters for all historic vehicles. The
MSVCR caters for all historic vehicles per the FIVA defintion whereas the Heritage Car Club is focused on classics only. The MSVCR has been in existance since 1955 and covers all cars 25 years or older. Car ownership is not a prerequisite. Members from both clubs were active in the establishment of the Classic Car Scheme.  Not covered here are brand specific clubs such as the Alfa Romeo club, the Mini club etc.

MSVCR stands for the Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car register. Covering the entire Malaysian peninsular the register is broken into 4 regions, Northern, Central, Southern and Singapore . Founded 1955, the Patron of the club is His Royal Highness The Sultan of Kedah.

The group has its own web site (click on the icon left))
The MSVCR publishes a bimonthly magazine for its members that is widely acclaimed.
The Heritage Car Club

The Heritage Car Club (Singapore) was formed in April 1998 by a group of post-war classic car owners. Their objective is to preserve the appreciation of classic cars in Singapore for future generations and for their own enjoyment.

Club is currently dormant.
Photos from activities of the MSVCR
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Johore Rally April 2002
Chinatown lightup January 2002
Turf club Rally Nov 2001
Pos Hill Hillclimb - Ipoh, Malaysia April 2001
Turf Rally Nov2000, Suntec to the Turf club Tulip Rally
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