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Rescue Part 3


Chapter 11  

Harm and Macs room

Closing the door behind them, Harm watched Mac as she crossed the room and collapsed on the bed.

You know, after all weve been through today, I should be exhausted, but Im not. Mac lifted her head slightly towards Harm.

You realize, now that this is over, well probably receive our travel orders tomorrow?   This could be our last night here.  Walking towards the bed, Harm tried to read Macs reaction.

Did you mean what you said?  About here and everywhere?  Mac asked softly, so softly Harm almost didnt hear her.

I meant every word.  I love you, Sarah Mackenzie.  I always have, I always will, no matter what continent were on.

Mac chuckled at the thought that they were indeed on another continent.  So like Rabb to bring that up.  By now, Harm had kicked his shoes off and snuggled up next to Mac on the bed.

Mac turned slightly to rest her head on Harms chest. She had gotten very used to having him to snuggle up to in bed. 

Mac, Ive been thinking. 

Dont do that, sailor. You might hurt yourself.

Funny, Mac, Harm tried to glare at her but it was futile.  He couldnt help but break out in a grin.  Id like to tell the admiral as soon as we get home that theres been a change in our relationship.  I want to be able to date you openly, like we have been here.

It will mean some changes for us at work.  It might even involve transfers. Mac shifted slightly to see his eyes.

I dont care where we work, as long as I come home to you.  He tightened his grip on her.

Harms feelings were out in the open. Nothing was hidden anymore. No need for interpretation, no chance of miscommunications.  They were finally both on the same page at the same time.

Mac leaned up slightly, Harm bent over a little closer, their eyes drawn to each other like magnets.  They were frozen only inches apart from each other. Harm glanced at Macs lips just as her tongue slipped out to moisten them.  There should be a law against having such sexy lips, he thought.

Suddenly, they were wrapped in each others embrace.  Their lips were locked in a searing kiss.   Harm couldnt get close enough to Mac.  His hands roamed freely across her soft skin. One hand had made its way under her shirt, gently kneading her breast, barely teasing around her already erect nipple.   His other hand tangled in her silky hair.

Gripping Harm as tightly as she could, her hands ran up and down his back, stopping only to dip her fingers in the waistband of his slacks. Every time she did, Harm had to remind himself to breathe. 

Feeling the need for oxygen, Harm broke the kiss and began nibbling his way down her neck.  Reaching for the hem of her shirt, he slowly slid the garment up. The feel of his fingers brushing against her soft skin sent rockets of desire shooting through his entire system. 

Pausing from her eager exploration of Harms strong body, Mac lifted her arms to help with the clothings removal.  Laying her hands back down on his hard, flat stomach, she slowly began to roll his shirt up his expansive chest, dragging her fingers across his cool flesh.  Lingering momentarily to twirl the soft hair that caressed his toned muscles, she finally, pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it across the room.

Wrapping one arm around Mac, Harm easily unsnapped her bra while his mouth resumed its mission on her neck.  Removing the offending garment, his free hand returned to kneading her now exposed breasts.  Overwhelmed at the luscious feel of skin on skin, Harm began a trail of hot wet kisses, moving his mouth down her front, before latching onto an unattended breast. 

Nothing could prevent Macs soft moan from escaping at the feel of his moist lips wrapping around her flesh, her back arching closer to him, heaving her breast deeper into his mouths deliciously warm cavern.

Harm could feel the desperate need inside of him growing.  He wanted so badly to be surrounded by Sarah MacKenzie, but he had waited so long for this day, he wasnt going to rush this.  He was going to show Sarah how much he loved her, in every way possible.

So lost in the wild sensations spiraling through her body as Harm licked and sucked on her sensitive nipples, Mac never noticed his hand brushing down her body, and settling between her dark curls. When his fingers slipped between her fold, teasing her throbbing nub, she thought she would come out of her skin.  When he slid one, then two fingers deep inside her, his mouth now focused on her other breast, Mac couldnt help the low throaty growl that emerged from deep within her as Harm continued the tortuous friction until her body was writhing beneath him.

Mac was panting in ecstasy as Harm continued to play her body, extending the waves of her orgasm as long as possible.  Her entire body was in heaven, and Lord help her, she wanted more.  She wanted to feel Harmon Rabb deep inside her, to feel him explode inside her.  Reaching for his already rock solid erection, Mac shifted her weight, forcing Harm to roll over.  Her lips descended feverishly on his, while her hands began masterfully stroking him, teasing his already oozing tip. 

Harm had almost come just from watching Macs face as she flew over the edge, but now he was almost frantic.  Her touch was bordering on torture as every nerve ending was screaming with excitement.  He needed to be inside her, and he needed that now.

Reaching blindly towards the nightstand, Harm grabbed the foil packet, his fingers fumbling anxiously.  Pulling away from her burning kiss, he awkwardly grabbed the wrist that was slowly turning him inside-out with desire.

Mac, I need you, now! he managed through ragged breaths, I have to know.

Oh, God yes...PLEASENow. She could barely get the words out, her own fires once again burning out of control.

Quickly donning the much-discussed protection, Harm almost exploded at the feel of Macs fingers rolling the covers down his throbbing shaft. Turning her over on her back with almost violent force, Harm positioned himself over her.  God, I need you! Harm gasped before his lips came crashing down on hers.

Feeling the pressure of his tip gently requesting access to her heated core, Mac felt another bolt of electricity surge through her.  She never in her life imagined even Harmon Rabb could fill her so fully with such intense pleasure.  

Sliding into the warmth of Sarah MacKenzie, Harm was finally coming home.

Oh Sarah! It took every ounce of discipline he had to take it slow.  He had never felt anything like this. This is what he had longed for all those years, all those women. This was more than sex. This was love, the joining of hearts and souls. This was where he belonged. They were truly bound as one. He could never live again without Sarah Mackenzie, and he knew it.

Sarah knew it too.  This was more than she had ever dreamed of, more than she could ever have hoped for.  She understood now, Harm was her other half.  Without him she could never again be whole.

The pace of their love making increasing, Harm knew he couldnt hold back much longer.  Gently he stroked one sensitive spot he had previously discovered and filed away, and within moments he could feel her coiling around him.  Her legs tightening around his waist, her fingers pressing into his back, she cried out his name.  Hearing her call his name in the throes of passion was more than he could stand.  Harm gasped in a final moment of ecstasy. 

Totally satisfied and exhausted, they cuddled up against each other. Neither willing to let go of the other.

I love you, Sarah.

I love you, too.

The two new lovers drifted off to sleep, for now.

Harm was the first to wake up.  He stared down at Macs sleeping form. She had rolled over on her side, and he was spooned up beside her, amazed she was finally sharing his bed, in every way. Just looking at her beauty, he could feel his arousal growing.  Sensing his eyes on her, Mac began to stir.   Soon she could feel more than his eyes on her. 

Their hunger for each other was insatiable.  Despite the intensity of the previous night, it still wasnt enough.  It would never be enough.

Their lips mingling in another duel of desire. They fondled, kissed and caressed, making slow, tender love until they were once again calling each others names in the throes of passion.

Hearing the rumble of Macs stomach, Harm chuckled loudly. 

What is so funny, havent you ever been hungry?  Especially after a work out like weve had. Mac protested.

Yes, I get hungry, and NO, I dont usually have work outs like that.  I dont think Ive everexperienced anything even close to last night before in my life. Harm flashed his flyboy grin.

Me neither, thank you, Mac let out a contented sigh.

Thank you Sarah, thank you for loving me.

Always, sailor, always.  Her lips covered his in another gentle caress.   

Once again Macs stomach grumbled loudly.  Harm patted Macs rear end.  I think wed better get up and get you fed.

Still in their robes they wandered into the dining room for breakfast.  Vilma and Francisco were just getting up to leave for the office.

Good Morning, you two.  Vilma smiled.  Were off to work, well be back for lunch.  Take the morning to relax, stay in bed if you want.  Vilmas smile kept getting bigger and bigger she had to know.

Im sure Juan will have news for you today.  Ciao.  Vilma and Francisco scurried out the door.  It wasnt really clear if they were in such a hurry to get to work or in such a hurry to leave the lovebirds alone.

Pulling out a chair for Mac in the dining room, Harm paused to look out the window at the lovely view.  You know Mac, shes right.  Well most likely get our orders to go home today.

Its probably not safe for us to be hanging around here too long, Mac said, pouring Harm and herself a glass of juice.

The Gentilles should be on their way home this morning, no matter what shape theyre in. Theyll be prime vengeance targets by now, sticking around would be suicide.  Harm stood there, still gazing somewhere in the distance.

Mac watched Harm looking out the window.  Penny for your thoughts?

Coming back to the moment, Harm sat down in the chair next to Mac.  Reaching over, he casually took her left hand in his, something hed enjoyed doing over the last few weeks. I dont want this to end.

Not exactly sure what this Harm was referring to, You really like it here, dont you? she said rather timidly.

Well, yes, but I meant us.  Noticing a slight look of panic in Macs eyes, Harm quickly continued. I dont think Ill be able to stand not having you near me all the time.  Not being able to do this, Harm held up their joined hands, anytime I want because of regs. Or this, he leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose.

Mac couldnt help but giggle at that. 

Whats so funny, marine?

I love you, too.  A small smile replaced her panicked look.  Her stomach was once again churning loudly.

I know, I know.  Hungry marine needs food.  Harm groaned.

Chapter 12 

Saturday Night
Almost one week later
Jack and Claudias apt.

We thought for sure you were going to have to leave on the next flight out. Claudias English had really come a long way since Harm and Mac first arrived.  We were delighted when Vilma informed us your CO ordered you to stay on.

It was decided if we left too suddenly after the rescue, someone might suspect we were part of it and retaliate against you, or other Americans living here. Even though the odds of that were slim, it was too great a risk to take, Harm explained.

Whatever the reason, were so glad you could enjoy your last days in Colombia without the horror of terrorism hanging over your head.

Mac and Harm turned to look at each other.  Obviously they were both thinking the same thing. Every single person in this room, either had been, or knew someone whose life had been directly affected by the guerillas in one way or another. With armored cars, bodyguards, and all the other security trappings of day to day life in Colombia, how could anyone ever feel the horror of terrorism wasnt hanging over them?  Still, they all laughed and danced and carried on.  They would not let terror win.

Its hard to believe well be in DC again tomorrow. Mac looked wistfully out the patio doors.

And back to work at 0800 Monday morning, Harm chimed in. 

Just then Jack came over. Excuse us a minute, I need my wife to help me explain something to Mrs. Botero. That woman may be beautiful, but when they came up with the clich not the sharpest knife in the drawer, they most definitely had her in mind. He shook his head, obviously amused, escorting his wife to the other side of the room.

Harm took advantage of being momentarily alone to steer Mac towards the deck. The view tonight was as exquisite as it had been the first night they visited.  Walking up to the railing hand in hand, Mac sighed at the sight before her.  Harm pulled Mac around in front of him, her back to his chest, so he was looking over her shoulder at the view, his arms wrapped around her stomach.  He loved holding her this way.

Mac, Ive been thinking.

Mac leaned back a little more onto Harm.

What about?

Well, I know we agreed we need to talk to the Admiral when we get back on Monday.  He paused a moment to kiss the top of her head.  Maybe we need to reconsider what were going to tell him.

At this, Mac turned around to face Harm.  Her first instincts were to panic that he was about to turn around and run like a Jackrabbit, but things were different now, they had to be.  She took a deep breath, And that would be?

We have spent the better part of every day and night together since we left Washington.  Ive gotten used to you being the first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see at night. Ive learned what it means to have found my other half.  I cant go back to Washington and just start dating.  I need you in my life, all the way, all the time.

Harm took Macs left hand in his, and reached into his jacket pocket.  Sarah MacKenzie, would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Sarah Rabb, my wife, and make my life whole? Harm held the most beautiful ring in front of Macs left hand.  The center stone was a 3-carat square cut emerald surrounded by small diamonds.

Mac looked up at Harm in stunned silence.  Finally, she nodded her head yes as a single tear slipped down her cheek.

Harm slid the ring on her finger.  I know diamonds alone are the traditional engagement ring, but I wanted to give you something that would always remind you of the beauty of our love, and the beauty of this country where we first declared it.  

Vilma, Francisco, Jack, Claudia, and the rest of the guests all stood silently from the edge of the living room watching the proposal.  As Harm bent down to kiss his new fiance, sighs could be heard throughout the room.  Several couples, who had merely been standing side by side, were now holding hands.  Francisco leaned over and kissed his wife on the cheek.  As always dear, you were right. 

When Mac moved her arms around Harms neck to deepen the kiss, the guests in the living room started to part like Moses had the Red Sea.  A few coughs and ugghms were heard as the guests resumed their laughing and dancing, giving the young lovers a little privacy in the moonlight. 

Only Francisco, Vilma, Jack and Claudia remained watching the couple.  I hope they are as happy as we have been all these years.  Vilma whispered.

Francisco kissed his wife softly on the lips, They will be dear, they will be.

Coming up for air, Mac took a short breath, Harm.

Mmmn? he answered nibbling on her ear.

When did you get this ring?

Yesterday afternoon.  He nibbled a little more, eliciting a soft moan from Mac. When I went out with Francisco to pick up the dry cleaning, we made a small detour.

So, Francisco knows about this? she said trying to keep her wits about her.

Mmn, and Vilma, and I guess probably Jack and Claudia, Harm managed to get out between nibbles.

And that would also. mean Amparo, and .Harm?! Mac suddenly stiffened.

Mmn? Harm had stopped nibbling on the one ear and was now working his way across her neck to her bare shoulder.

How much do you want to bet we have an audience? Mac said, relaxing again at Harms continued assault on her senses.

Nah, why would anyone want to watch an old sailor propose to a marine?

Chapter 13: Epilogue  

Bogota Colombia
21 years later

Im glad its finally safe enough to bring you kids to Colombia. It was a great idea of Aunt Vilmas to have a joint anniversary party.  Mac commented walking toward the rail.

So this is the famous porch that Dad proposed on?

Its not a porch, its a deck, Harm declared, as he sat down next to his son.

Porch, deck same thing.  Basically, all Dad needs for romance is wood planks underneath his feet.

Matt, dont pick on your Dad, Mac admonished her nineteen-year-old son.

According to the stories you two tell, first it was Uncle AJs porch, and then it was here on Uncle Jacks porch that everything really took off.

Its a deck, Harm repeated.

Matts right mom. Their middle child, seventeen year old Patricia, who went by Pat, agreed.

Besides, you and Dad have spent every night for as long as I can remember sitting on the front porch, holding hands, and making out like a couple of teenagers, Matt insisted.

MATT.  Francie, the fifteen-year-old baby girl of the family huffed at her big brother.  They arent THAT bad. Well, not really, anyway.

Several of Vilma and Franciscos grandchildren were on the porch with the Rabbs, but it was Abels fifteen-year-old son, Ernesto, who spoke up. Well, obviously this all means something to you, but does anyone care to bring the rest of us up to speed?

Sure.  Matt started. Ill try.

Better make it the Readers Digest version, Pat scoffed.

Matt glared at his sister. As I was about to say, Mom and Dad worked together for about 4 or 5 years when Mom got engaged to some Australian.

Mic Brumby, Pat mumbled.

You said you wanted the extra abridged version.  Do YOU want to tell this?

No, go on.

Anyhow, Mom was going to marry this Australian when Dad got brave at her engagement party and made a pass at her on uncle AJs porch.

It wasnt a pass, Harm interjected.

Whatever.   Mom was still going to marry the Aussie until Dads plane crashed.  She saved him with her sort of psychic powers, the wedding was postponed, the Aussie left, Dads girlfriend married a mortician, and then a couple of years later they got stranded together in, was it Afghanistan?  Yeah Afghanistan, then Dad rescued Mom in Paraguay.  Did I mention Mom kept chasing Dad to Russia?"

By now Ernestos face was so contorted in confusion that Pat decided she needed to take over.

What Matt is so eloquently trying to explain is: Dad and Mom worked together for years.  They were really close and trusted each other in everything.  Unfortunately for a lot of different reasons- mostly ludicrous ones- they never got together romantically, until they came here to Uncle Jacks and Aunt Claudias.  That was the first time Dad had REALLY kissed Mom since the night on the Admirals porch.  They had been here to help rescue the Vice Presidents daughter from terrorists.  By the time the whole ordeal was over, the two of them couldnt live without each other, and their last night in Bogota, Dad proposed here on Uncle Jacks porch.

With half the city watching, Harm added. And its a deck.

The fogged look on Ernestos face was starting to clear. 

Married life must have been a pretty boring change? Ernesto almost mumbled.

The three Rabb children snickered.  Mac and Harm appropriately glared at their indiscreet offspring.

I wouldnt quite say that, Francie started.  First, they had to tell the Admiral, Uncle AJ, that while under his command they had advanced their relationship AND wanted to get married.  From what I understand you could hear Uncle AJ barking all the way to the Pentagon.

Youd better skip a few parts, or well be here all night, Pat interrupted, even though she loved all the stories about her Mom and Dad.

Nodding at her sister, Francie went back to the story. They wanted to get married in a hurry, and Gramma really wanted to see Dad married at Annapolis, so she talked Uncle AJ into pulling a few strings to get them the chapel at Annapolis in only two months.  In return, Uncle AJ had to be the substitute lecturer for some seminar or other, leaving Mom in charge of JAG, even though she was a little distracted with the wedding.  He claims Mom and Dad still owe him for that one, something about a female Commander at Annapolis that wouldnt stop ogling him. Pat couldnt help but giggle at that thought. She really loved these stories.

Thats right! Matt said.  Thats when that nut case Palmer managed to blow up Moms car and took out half the JAG parking lot.

Right, and the thing that ticked everyone off the most was with only 5 days until the wedding, Moms wedding dress was in the car, Pat reminded everyone.

Isnt that when Dad broke Webbs nose again? Francie asked.

No, that was the time that Webb wanted Mom to do some interpreting in Baghdad while she was pregnant with Pat.  It was Uncle AJ who broke Webbs jaw over the wedding dress, Matt answered.

The look of total confusion had completely returned to most of the faces of the Franco grandchildren.

Returning to the story, Francie continued. Anyhow, they finally got that nut put away again the day before the wedding.    The wedding went off without a hitch.  The honeymoon worked out great toountil the flight home.

It wasnt my fault, Harm reminded them.

We know, his children replied in unison.  THESE THINGS HAPPEN. They all responded a little too smugly.

Francie returned to her synopsis. After the coast guard rescued everyone, Mom became a Judge, that Mic Brumby guy came back and tried to create a fuss, Dad decided to buy a fixer upper house, Mom got pregnant with Matt, Uncle Bud almost burned the house down trying to help Dad rewire the nursery 

Wait a minute, Ernesto interrupted. Wasnt Brumby the Australian fianc?  Apparently, he was actually following all this.

Yeah, but he seemed to lose interest when mom threw up on his shoes, Matt volunteered.  Go on Sis, youre on a roll.

Thanks.  Things were pretty quiet until Pat was born.  Uncle AJ was threatening to retire.   Some battle-ax named Krennick was up for the spot, so, Uncle AJ kept putting it off.   Mom had a long labor with Matt so she wasnt rushing when she went into labor with Pat.   After only two hours, Moms contractions suddenly went from 30 minutes apart, to not being able to tell when one stopped and the next one started.  Uncle AJ swears Mom and Dad owe him for that one, too.  I guess Pat was the third baby born in his office, and Krennick or no Krennick, Uncle AJ retired that summer.

Uncle Bud still blames me for Krennick, Pat sighed.

Lets see, at six years old Matt got lost at Kennedy airport, at three Pat got lost at Scarborough Fair, at two I had to go to the emergency room for sticking Dads screw driver in the electric socket.  Mom almost sent Dad to the emergency room for letting me play with electricity. The Rabb children all chuckled at that thought.

Taking a deep breath, Francie squinted one eye and looked upward recalling more of the family history. 

Taking advantage of the pause in Francies ramblings, I think I get the point. Ernesto declared, raising his hands in defeat.

Well tell you later about Matts learning to drive and Dads 4th DFC.  Thats when Mom made him give up his wings.  Pat offered.

PAT, Harm warned.

Well thats how it looked to us, she huffed.

Never mind, was all Harm said to his older daughter.  Mac just looked at her husband and smiled.

Abel popped his head out the door,  Okay guys, foods on the table, everyone inside.

The crowd scrambled from their seats and moved inside with the precision of a Marine Corps marching band.

Harm got up from his chair and walked up behind his wife pulling her close so her back was leaning on his chest.  Mac had been mostly watching the city below while her children gave the abridged version of their life.

Wrapping his arms around her, and softly caressing her as he had done that first night so many years ago, Harm kissed the top of her head.

Its still such a beautiful view, She whispered into the night air.

Yes, it is, Harm grinned looking down the front of his wifes shirt.

Glancing up at Harm a moment, Mac lightly smacked his hand when she noticed where he was staring.

Its been a good life hasnt it?  She said looking back over the city again.

The best.  I love you more now than I did that night 21 years ago.  I didnt think it possible.  Harm leaned over slightly to nibble on Macs neck.

Youd better quit that before the kids accuse us of making out on the porch again, she said, turning slightly intending to nudge him towards the doorway.

Its a deck, he grinned.

Pulling her close, his lips covered hers ever so tenderly.  She tilted her head up slightly deepening the kiss.  As his lips danced with hers, she parted them giving him the invitation he needed.  His tongue slipped past her lips and began its own dance with hers.  Her arms were now tightly around his neck.  His hands had gone from lightly caressing to desperately kneading her flesh.  He couldnt get close enough.  There, under the stars and the glowing city lights, it all seemed so perfect.  They seemed so alone.

Vilma came to the door to see what was taking Harm and Mac so long.  She smiled to herself.  Some things just never change.

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