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Out of the Mouths

by Erk

155 word Flashfic (I had to try one)
I hope no one finds this offensive, it happened in my house and I about died!!!!
Rating: PG-13ish

Spaghetti. Figures that my two years old son would love spaghetti. Two words, BATH TIME.

Harm, could you start filling the bath water after your shower? I yell down the hall.

Me want bafth.

I know, one second honey.

I wipe him off as best I can and we quickly head towards the bathroom.

As we walk in, Harm steps out of the shower. Since I stripped my little guy in the kitchen, here I stand with two naked guys.

Whats that?

Its hair, like on your head, says Harm. Daddy has some on his belly, too.

Oh. He ponders this. Whats that?

And instantly Harm is 12 shades of red. I am trying not to laugh just from the look on his face.

Harm points down at his sons, See, you have one, just like daddy.

Noooooo, he draws out. Me no got big one.

I laugh so hard the neighbors could hear me.

Out of the Mouths (A second helping)
Unrelated to the first one.
155 word flashfic

Me has to pee. pipes the two year old in the backseat.

Can you wait until we get home? I ask from the passengers seat.

Nooooo. he says.

How about until we get to the store down the road? I try.

Noooo. he says completely exasperated.

Well, you are just going to have to hold it. Harms adds from the drivers seat.

He puts his hands out in front of him and stares at them completely puzzled. He flips them over, he is still staring at them, same confused expression.

He looks up at his parents in the front seat like they are crazy. Then he says, Nooooo, me no pee in me hands.

I cant help but laugh out loud. Harm just shakes his head. Sorry flyboy, but you walked right into that one.

I look back at our son and grin, he is still staring at his hands, baffled.

I love my life.

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