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The Thirtieth Anniversary Hasselblad 500C/M
In 1957, Victor Hasselblad created the first 500C camera, it was immediately recognized as a most modern tool for serious photography and became the central element for the world's most extensive medium format camera system - a system designed for quality and reliability in virtually every field of photography.  To commemorate the first three decades of excellence, in 1987 Victor Hasselblad created a special limited edition Anniversary 500C/M Camera.  Only 1,400 units producted!
This handcrafted camera is finished in precious 24 karat gold and is engraved with its own individual four digit serial number. The commemorative gold plate on the side of the camera states: "HASSELBLAD 500C/M 1957 - 1987".  Inside the distinctive black and gold commemorative box is packed an individually serial numbered Anniversary Brochure.  This camera number is "1296" and the Brochure number is 1296 of 1400!