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Rollei 35 Classic Gold 75 Year Anniversary Edition
This 1995 Rollei 35 is plated with 24 carat gold with a solid gold anniversary plaque with a diamond to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Rollei. Only 900 units were produced between January and December 1995, each camera came with a wooden casket, real leather case, gold tipped strap and a 20REB Rollei Flash.  As oppose to the 60 anniversary model which spot a matt finish gold plating, this Rollei is plated with highly gross finish plating!  Serial numbers of the cameras were assigned to mark the month of production, 01/01 - 01/75 for January and 12/01 - 12/75 for December, 75 cameras were made each month of the year 1995!
Serial number of this camera is 04/62, it is engraved on the top plate!  The camera retailed in 1995 for DM 6,500.00 (US$ 3,250.00)