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Nikon F4s SLR
This is the first Nikon prefessional Auto Focus camera that replaces their manual focus F3.  Despite the AF features, the entire camera feel and works very much like a manual camera.  Another plus point is that it accept all the manual AI lenses!  Three variances were available namely F4, F4s and later F4E, running on four AA, six AA a eight AA power supply respectively, essentially the same body with a different grip - F4s with MB-21.  Although, it was replaced by the F5, nevertheless, it is still my favorite camera (just simply cannot accept a LCD panel and the EOS style of control dials on the F5!)
The lens that mounted on this F4s is a Wide-Angle Nikon Auto Focus 24mm/f2.8.  The F4 is equiped with three metering system including spot.  Unlike the F2 or F3, you do not need an eye piece correction lens just in case if you are short sighted, there is even a "+" "-" dial incorporated in the camera for correcting you eye sight!