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Leica I (A) 1925-1932
This is the first regular production type Leica camera.  No rangefinder, has one top shutter speed dial with speeds from 1/20 to 1/500 second and Z (Bulb).  The lens cannot be unscrewed.  There is a flat nickel plated spring at the left hand side, in front of the camera (also known as the "hockey stick") which locks the lens at infinity.  This camera is a Leica I (A) with fixed uncoated Elmar 50/f3.5, total production from 1925 58,919 units. The lens collapsed inside the body when not in use.  The tall piece that attached onto the camera is the optional rangefinder FODIS .
Note the four securing screws for the top plate on earlier cameras (one screw each on the side and one each on center of the front and back of the top plate) and six on later model (three screws each on the front and back of the top plate).  Also take note of the base plate, the earlier model with smaller side pin, and the locking mechanism is different too.  Finally, the accessory shoe also changed from round of the earlier model to square in the later model!