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Robot I - the first motorized 35mm Camera
This is the first generation Robot, only about 30,000 were produced between 1934 - 1938.  It was also the first motorized 35mm camera (via spring wound motor drive) with a special format of 24 x 24mm (slightly larger than a 18 x 24mm half-frames) hence, allowed 50 exposures on a standard roll of film.  The motor drive would advance up to 24 frames without rewinding.
Robot camera is very compact and heavy, although about 3/4 the size of a Leica screw mount, however, it is much heavier than the Leica.  Note from the above pictures, the Robot finder can be rotated to view your subject at 90 degree angle, so it appears that you are shooting something else - an early spy camera?

Robot I needs reloadable "Type K" Robot film cartridges.