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Rollei 35 chrome finish - Made in Germany
Rollei 35 was introduced in 1966, it was Rollei's first 35mm camera, also world's smallest camera for 35mm film.  Over the years, there were about 15 variances introduced (exclude the economy models such as C35, B35 & 35LED), Rollei 35 Royal was the last model manufactured beginning 1996 (at approximately 200 per year).  This model was the original model that manufactured between 1966 - 1971 in Germany with collapsible Tessar 40/f3.5 Lens, thereafter 1971 - 1981 , all the Rollei 35's (except limited edition) were manufactured in Singapore.
The first generation made in Germany Rollei 35 has body serial number at the back of the top plate (Rollei 35S do not has body serial number!) and "Made in Germany" at the back of the bottom plate, also "Compur" shutter is indicated at the rim of the lens. Some earlier example also has a "Rollei Honeywell" sticker paste at the back of the top plate.
The locking and winding mechanism of the bottom plate also differ for the very early example, including the black coating inside the camera, back pressure plate, take up spool as well as bright line finder (without parallex correction marking, the later German model has "very brief" parallex correction marking and the "Third Series" bright line finder with full correction marking were used through out all the subsequent models, starting from the Singapore model), naturally the most common known different is the dark brown adjustment dials for the very early example versus the black dials for all the subsequent models. 

The soft carrying case for the German model is made of real leather, however, those Singapore model were issued with soft case made of syntactic material.