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Rollei 35 S Silver Anniversary Model
Rollei 35 was introduced in 1966, it was Rollei's first 35mm camera, also world's smallest camera for 35mm film.  Over the years, there were about 15 variances introduced (exclude the economy models such as C35, B35 & 35LED), Rollei 35 Royal was the last model manufactured beginning 1996 (at approximately 200 per year).  This Silver Anniversary model was manufactured between 1978 - 1979 in Singapore with collapsible Sonnar 40/f2.8 Lens, total production 8,000 units.
This is the very first Rollei 35 anniversary model that was manufactured in Singapore during 1978 - 1979, subsequently, the second 35S Gold was available between 1979 - 1980 with a total production of 1,500 units.  Thereafter, all the special edition series were manufactured in Germany.  This Silver Anniversary essentially the same as a regular 35S except that the leather covering is in silver color, with a special anniversary  symbol after the logo of "Rollei 35 S", like the rest of the Singapore model, there is no body serial number however, there is a small plaque at the back of the bottom plate for engraving the owner's name!