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Rolleiflex T
The Rolleiflex T was available 1958 to 1966, total 99,000 units produced, it was intended as a model intermediate between the Rolleicord and the Rolleiflex; it used a four-element Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and incorporated the Rolleicord Va, the use of PTFE plastic internal parts.  Like the Rolleicord, it also used a lever to set apertures and speeds instead of the 'Flexes' wheels.  The basic T did not come with a lightmeter, though the camera was fitted to take the T lightmeter as used on the 2.8 and 3.5E and F 'Flexes', however, like this camera shown here, many of them have been equipped.  The camera also equipped with the removeable hood similar to that on the 2.8E, with Synchro-Compur shutter with MXV.