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Storage of Camera
Consider our climate, when ever I acquire a new or used camera, other than the cleaning process (if necessary), the camera will go straight into dry-cabinet which I normally maintain at between 45 - 50% humidity.   As most of you are aware that fungus cannot survive below 50% humidity, however, the vulcanite (leather like body covering) and light seal of the camera tends to dry up at this "dry climate", hence, it is advisable not to set the dry-cabinet too dry.

So far, I have pretty good experience with "Armor-All Protectent", usually each application on the vulcanite can last even up to one year (I guess I hardly use any of my equipment!).  As for the manual, certificate, pouch, carrying case, leather/wooden box and carton case (Yes, we collector collect everything associate with the equipment, some even the receipt!), I will usually packed them seperately in air-tight plastic bag.  For the leather staff such as bag or even casket, I will usually apply a layer of leather cream before sealing them.  Manuals and carton boxes tend to turn yellowish in view of the moisture and tempreture in this Region, again sealing them in air tight bag helps, especially thereafter store them in cool places such as air-con room.  Furthermore, the air tight bag would prevent the usual shelf-wear on most of the carton boxes.

Since, I have started this home page after I have acquired most of my equipment, hence, you might have noticed that the equipment presented usually does not include the presentation boxes - I just simply lazy to cut open all the air tight bages, just too much of a hassel.  Nevertheless, one day I might do so....