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Circassia Matters

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This is a book project to involve writers interested in Circassian (Adige) matters (gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, political affiliation

of authors are absolutely immaterial). The writers submit the topics of their choice. The introduction will be written to make a whole out

of the various contributions. The book will be published in the USA and UK by a prestigious publishing house. It is a collective attempt to present the case for Circassia. The final book title shall be determined collectively by the authors.

Amjad Jaimoukha shall act as facilitator and editor.

Writers taking part include (as of 8 July 2008; the list, which is arranged alphabetically, shall be extended as more writers join the project):

Nart Atalay (Chetaw) (Turkey):    'The Abzakh'

Zack Barsik (USA):   
'Existing Infrastructure of Adige Activism (Khasas)'
Adel Bashqawi (Jordan):   'Circassia Our Motherland'

Sefer Berzeg (Turkey):

Sadik Bilge (Turkey):  'The Northwest Caucasus and the Ottoman State 1454-1829'

Ridade Daghestani (UK): 'Stylised Representations of Circassian Culture and Folklore'
Setenay Doğan (Turkey): 'Constructions of the Homeland: Circassians in Turkey'
Amjad Jaimoukha (Jordan):  'Circassian Culture and Its Dissemination'

Once the list of writers and subjects has been finalized, a dead-line is set for the submission of contributions.

We look forward to contributions from (primary) writers and authors from the Caucasus.

Tentative date for publication is the summer/autumn of 2009.

If you are interested in joining the list, or for more information, please contact Amjad Jaimoukha at: