Revival of the Ubykh Language and Culture   

Brian Fell, a student of linguistics and a researcher of the Ubykh language, has spent the last several years compiling and translating the work of Georges Dumézil and his primary informant Tevfik Esenç from French to English to make it accessible to a wider readership. He has translated more than half of the stories and oral history gathered by Dumézil. Most of his efforts, however, have gone towards creating a new, revised dictionary of the language. Vogt's (1963) dictionary serves as a base for his current work, though he has gone over the publications Vogt had used, as well as everything printed after that date. Furthermore, Mr. Fell has been volunteering his time to transcribe the audio materials on the website of the LACITO Archive in Paris.

Mr. Fell is contemplating the creation of a centralized archive of all the research concerning Ubykh, a place where people could have access to the language and culture of the Ubykh. He has been in contact with several key researchers for this purpose.

Brian Fell can read and write French, Arabic, Turkish and Russian.

If you have any suggestions on how to develop or contribute to this gigantic effort, please contact Brian Fell directly:

Amjad Jaimoukha