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SPINDOX is a non-profit establishment concerned with the publication of high-end books on the Caucasus and the Middle East in the West.

It has connections with prestigious publishing houses in the West, especially in the USA and the UK, including Routledge, Bennett and Bloom, and Palgrave.

SPINDOX will help people with book projects connected with the Caucasus and the Middle East to be published in the West.

Books on the Caucasus and the Middle East written by people from these regions are relatively scarce, due mainly to linguistic and stylistic limitations. The pattern is for Western writers and journalists to adopt these book projects and publish them in the West. Of course, this is a great service rendered to the cultures of both regions, however, the local perspective should also be made accessible to a Western readership.

The SPINDOX team will provide editorial support for the project (at a level where Western publishers would deem the work acceptable for publication) and will seek Western publishers for it. All work will be done at cost price.

For further information on publication services, please contact the SPINDOX team at:  jaimoukha@gmail.com

SPINDOX also offers high-level editorial services in both English and Arabic: editing, copy-editing, writing, copy-writing, etc.

In addition, translation can be done to/from English, Circassian (Kabardian), and Arabic.

Book Project:  Circassia Matters

Books that have been published through SPINDOX include:

    The Circassians, front cover

The Circassians: A Handbook
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Amjad Jaimoukha    

This is the definitive book on the Circassians and their culture written by a Circassian from Jordan. It received more than 14 positive reviews from Western journals.

Published in March 2001 by:

Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, in the series: Caucasus World
Distributed in the USA by Routledge/New York
Also co-published by Palgrave Macmillan (St. Martin's Press) in the USA 
(ISBN: 0312239947)   


The Chechens, front cover

The Chechens: A Handbook   

By: Amjad Jaimoukha

The most comprehensive book on Chechen culture and folklore in the English language.

Published in January 2005 by  Routledge,
part of the Taylor & Francis Group

Circassian Culture and Folklore: Hospitality Traditions, Cuisine, Festivals & Music (Kabardian, Cherkess, Adigean, Shapsugh & Diaspora)

By: Amjad Jaimoukha

This is a powerful demonstration of the beauty and intricacy of Circassian culture and folklore.

To be published by Bennett and Bloom in the first half 2009. Available for pre-order from Amazon.co.uk.
It will feature a CD 'The Art of the Circassian Minstrels' with some 200 musical pieces
(songs and melodies) divided into genres (Pantheonic, Nart epic, heroic/historical, elegiac, laments, plaintive, agrarian and pastoral, nuptial, comic, etc), which would be of interest to musicologists and connoisseurs of exotic music.

Kabardian-English Dictionary

By: Amjad Jaimoukha

Published by Sanjalay Press in 1997.

Has some 22,000 entries.

Circassian Proverbs and Sayings  The whole book is now available on line in pdf format (197 pages; about 3,000 Circassian entries with English equivalents and comments, the largest collection of its kind to date). Teachers of Circassian in schools in the Caucasus and the diaspora (and the concerned educational authorities) could do worse than make this book part of the curriculum, whereby the students are subtly directed to appreciate the beauty of the Circassian language through learning by rote selected proverbs and sayings (and their equivalents in English, therefore doubling the benefit). It is suitable for students from the elementary stage to university.

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