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 J 2EE , EJB, MVC, JDBC, Struts
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100000+ Hits, 100000+ Downloads with 4000+ live web sites using my codes and 4500+ Mails by my fellow Java Programmers from 50+ Countries in past 2 year, and a Java User Group with more than 500+ members speaks for the volumes of Appreciation, Encouragement and Love that i got from my fellow Programmers .

My codes are featured in many sites few of them are www.planet-source-code.com, www.1javastreet.com, www.pscode.com, www.javacode.net, www.1phpstreet.com, www.1cplusplusstreet.com, www.1sqlstreet.com, www.1perlstreet.com, www.1delphistreet.com, www.1aspstreet.com, www.exhedra.com, www.1perlscriptstreet.com

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 Site Map : All Codes and Articles Written by James
  Code Library Enterprise Java Beans - EJB Mastering Swing
     1) BEA WebLogic 7.0
   2) MVC Architecture - Struts
   3) Selling Jewels with Java
   4) JDBC Working with Servlets
   5) Setting up Virtual Tour
   6) Fun with Struts
   1) J2EE Architecture
   2) Writing First EJB
   3) Development Phase of EJB
   4) Writing Client Code
   5) Session Beans Deployment
   6) Understanding Entity Beans
   1) Swing Fundamentals
   2) Menus n Events
   3) Database JDBC
   4) Tabbed Panes
   5) JamesSmith.java
   6) Swing Code Part 1
   7) Swing Code Simplified
  Tutorial Java Made Easy Others
     1) Running Servlets with JSDK
   2) Working with Jakarta Tomcat
   3) Using Java Beans with JSP
   1) Installation
   2) Understanding Error Handling
   3) Working with Variables
   4) OOPS Concepts
   1) Java with Oracle
   2) Java with MySQL
   3) Java XML XSL XSLT
PHP   Wireless World Oracle Stuff
  PHP Codes WML Mobile Applications PL/SQL Tutorial
     1) HTML Format Emails
   2) HTTP Authentication
   3) Calendar with Counter
   4) Easy File Upload
   5) Progress Bar in PHP
   1) Wireless Introduction
   2) Cards and Decks
   3) Using Tables
   4) Text Formatting
   5) Form Elements
   6) Navigation
   7) Passing Variables
   1) PLSQL Procedures
   2) Functions
  Programming Community   Practical J2EE from Scratch
     1) Who is James
   2) James n Jokes
   3) Join our Group
   4) Hall of Fame
   5) My Guest Book
   5) Google Search
   5) CNN News
   6) My Tech Skills
Downloads ,
1. J2EE Installation and Configuration
2. Handling Oracle & Cloudscape Database
3. Designing & Planning an Application in J2EE
4. Understanding & Writing an Entity Bean
5. Writing Client Code to Access Entity Bean
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All you need to do is download the template [HTML Page], write it and mail the html page back to me at james_smith73@yahoo.com. I would host the web page on this site, you could access the web page in the Friends Link , Under Country Menu . "

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