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RePost due to errors ... Entry for July 24, 2007

Ok, so it’s been another long amount of time since my last blog entry. I see that the sustained effort of posting is an elusive critter.

March was my last entry so … catch up.

April was a blur, just getting into parenting and learning, learning, learning; I’m really stalling because I don’t remember that month. Let’s see, me and my wife went on our first vacation after having our son. It was a ‘trial’ type vacation. We didn’t plan anything, just a location and pointed the truck in that direction. After hearing all about vacationing with children and the woes of that … we just took off and let what ‘come may’ … happen. It was fun, a bit hectic at times but fun nonetheless. We took one of those GPS things and did our own version of ‘let’s see where this road goes’. Granted, with a GPS you know where it goes … or at least can find your way out. So, not so risky but fun nevertheless.

May, my birthday month, was the normal. After you reach a certain age, birthdays become this dark, fog laden, event that gets pushed to the backs of everyone’s memory. How crappy is that. You grow up with birthdays being an event to only find that when you get older … disappointment. ‘Tarter sauce’, as a friend of ours child says to keep from saying anything ‘bad’. For once I would love to get a gift from someone that said, “I may have not had a clue what you would like, but I went out in search of ‘the’ item for you on your grand day”. … or something like that.

June, ‘a time for tables starting to turn’; this month was a turning point in my bout with depression. Not taking any meds, again because I hate the side effects, I have reached a turning point. And wouldn’t you know it; I can’t put my finger on just what happened. It really was a light switch. Don’t get me wrong, everything is still there and still in fine form. But, it is all different now. They way I think about them. The way I react to them, I still have times where every fiber of my being wants to lash out and verbose my mind. I simply do not. Hard to do yet somehow easy at the same time to accomplish. Strange upon strange thing I guess.

July, whew … up-to-date … Work turned upside down … a new type of stress. Everything has seemed to wash out at the end but is the end really the end? (the depth of thought there … ) 

During those months I started to teach a Bible class at my church. I always feel inadequate to do that, yet God seems to give exactly what I need each and every week. It has become more of a help for me than anything. I pray this every time I start a lesson, “God remove me, fill me with You and let what runs over fall on prepared ground.” It really helps to ask God to remove yourself than to rely on any removing that you could do. (if that makes sense…)

Lord, I praise you for what you have accomplished in me. Forgive me for where I have fallen short, forgive me of my sins and unknown sins. Thank you for all the ‘good things’ that come from you. I pray that you touch my nephew and heal his little body. You know the reasons, cause and you can heal. I pray in Jesus’ name for healing in his body and keep him form all harm. Place within our hearts and mind an understanding so that we may be able to help through your grace and mercy. Bless my family, bless in their health. Touch those who have chronic problems for your touch can do profound things. In Jesus’ Name I pray … Amen.

2007-07-26 16:50:30 GMT