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Entry for July 31, 2007

I wanted to depart from my normal ramblings ... and post something of an email that was exchanged between the members of a Bible study group at my church.

The question was presented ... presented ...

... fill in the blanks to this statement . . .

The _____of God's_______ of man.

The scripture it shows as a reference is Exodus 25:1-2; 8-9 and Gen. 3:8-9

My response was ... (and I don't know if I got it right or wrong and really didn't find the answer however, the whole attempt turned into a lesson for me today.)

That question is tricky ... Reading those references ... yes, God was giving directions to Moses about the tabernacle and that man was to give their offerings willingly, not like being subject to a earthly king and not like a tax we know today ... but that it should come from their own loyal feelings (happily, joyous). In verse eight, the idea was that the tabernacle was to be a place of residence of God so He could dwell among His people and hear their requests and for the people to hear His leading or guiding. He didn't want it to stop there however, God wanted it to also be a place of worship. Verse nine was basically an idea of how the physical tabernacle needed to look and function ... it was patterned after the Egyptian temple but was to be modified so they could move it where ever they went; and to also purify it from the idol worship. In Deuteronomy 10:9, God instructs that when they come into a land that God gives them not to learn or do the abominations of those nations. So the tabernacle was to be patterned after structures they had seen in other lands, Egypt in this case, but not to worship as the Egyptians.

Today's idea, reading the old testament though the 'eyes' of the new testament, now shows us how our own bodies needs to be that place where God dwells and that he wants to be among us ... we should make our requests known to Him and he will reveal in us His answers. And just like a sanctuary, hold our bodies as living tabernacles and keep them free from the 'dirt' of the world.

As to the question ... I have tried to place words in those blanks but can't make any really fit or make good sense. Does this study book come with answers in the back? I won't tell if you look :-) because its driving me crazy too. Here I go with my suggestions ... The dwelling of God's sanctuary of man; but 'in man' would sound better. The tabernacle of God's dwelling of man; but 'in man' would still sound better. The response of God's petitions of man; as what goes on in the tabernacle. ... anyway ... I really don't know.

The verses in Genesis are about God coming to walk "in the cool of the day" or in the breeze of the day like in the evening ... and is one of my favorite "word pictures" in the Bible. The 'picture' of Adam and Eve hiding themselves is the sense of guilt that was the start of the consequences of the sin (eating of the fruit). Another reference to not being able to hide from God is Psalms 139:1-12.

2007-07-31 14:39:35 GMT