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Entry for January 31, 2007

... its been a while from my last post.  I guess all blogs suffer from that.  Things have been going every way but normal.  My best friend's brother passed away, my wife's care broke down and its cost to fix was alot, a car trade-in went wrong, bills from unexspected places have arrived in the mail, it seems that all is going on at once.  I generall have been fairing well through this, and other things that I'm not going to list here.  However, I still have to "re-learn" how to cope with things while not taking depression medication.  That fact is simply crap.  Anyway ...

I'm having more "closed-door" days lately ... an offshoot from not taking meds? ... who knows; but it seems to help to choose what I will deal with at that moment in time.  That may be a yellow-backed way out of things ... but right now that is how it works or is working.

Why do people try helping you by saying "don't feel that way"?  How can you help what you feel, why do we try to alter the way we feel?  It seems that is just putting off what is going to be around the corner anyway.  How about ways to help with what I'm feeling instead of telling one to not feel this way or that. ? . ?

Broken thoughts this time, sorry for that.

Lord, forgive me for not turning to you with A L L my problems ... help me to remember the song "I Surrender All"  ... not just 10% of something.  Be with me today and guide me with your light.  Place your protective hand over my family and keep them from harm.  Help this nation find the staight and narrow, help the blinded see Your way forgive us for we "... know not what we do".  In Jesus' name ... Amen

2007-01-31 17:18:14 GMT