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Entry for March 14, 2007

There are times in this life when the description of live being "but a vapor" really springs forward in your mind.  It seems when times start to get hard, or families suffer from a loss, it has to get worse before it gets better.  I know that there is a time for everything, but I can't help but wonder sometimes if it all picks the same time to happen; like some type of "Murphy's law" or something.  And who the heck told this guy Murphy to make all those laws anyway?

On a simular note, my best friend at work, just lost his pet of 18 years.  It was a pet that was with him through his time of loss.  So the importance of this animal was great.  I hope his memory will contiue to confort him and just maybe another hevenly sent animal will step in ...


Lord, I haven't been very good praying daily for a while ... and the stress of my life right now is evidence.  Please, forgive me for not turning to you every day, forgive me for where I have failed you, forgive me of my sins ... restore to me the joy of my Salvation and fellowship with you.  Bless my family, keep them safe and heal their bodies from the things that hurt them now.  I pray for peace in the Creel family as they go through a time of loss right on the heals of a previous loss.  I pray for my Great Aunt now Lord, and ask that your great doctor hands touch her heart, if its your will, to heal and restore.  I pray for the family, when understanding seems so far away, I pray that you simply grant it and give the peace of you inside their minds and hearts.  I pray for my Church, that it will not be lead astray and that it will shine the light of you into our community.  I love you Lord, I praise your Name ... In Jesus' Name I pray ... Aman.

2007-03-14 20:04:39 GMT