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Welcome NASCAR Fans and Jeff Gordon Haters!!

Jeff Gordon gets knocked out, gets little sympathy from Stewart
ThatsRacin.com Writer
DOVER, Del. - Sunday's MBNA 400 at Dover International Speedway was not 50 laps old when tempers already were running high.
On Lap 41 of 400, Tony Stewart hit Jeff Gordon from behind, sending Gordon into the wall in Turn 2 and collecting Ricky Rudd.
Gordon was credited with a 39th-place finish, and now has three consecutive finishes of 30th or worse. He's slipped to 11th in points, 350 behind leader Jimmie Johnson.
"Tony was a little bit better than me and, you know, there's no doubt I was holding him up and I wanted to see if my car would come to me, and he just ran out of patience," Gordon said. "I just think it's uncalled for to start something that fast. ...All I can say (is) the next time Tony's holding me up, it won't be very long for him to be out of my way." Gordon failed to finish his fifth race of the season, surpassing his entire total from the 2004 season (four).
Stewart had a different take. "Everybody else was doing a pretty good job of give-and-take. It's just when you get around Jeff (Gordon); I guess the rules are different with him," Stewart said after the race. "He does more taking than he does giving."
Told about Gordon's comments, Stewart replied, "Jeff's always whining like that. If somebody does something to Jeff it's always their fault. "That's just Jeff Gordon. That's the way he's been ever since he's been down here. So, that's fine. We can get into a car crash. It really doesn't matter to me."
Stewart said Gordon was not the only driver with a similar nature. "I don't know why it is with (Gordon) and Jimmie (Johnson) and Ryan (Newman), but it's a group of them that think that the roads are named after them one way," Stewart said.

Fans show their disapproval of Gordon while showering his car with beer cans.

This is the aftermath when NASCAR handed Jeff Gordon a win at the spring race at Talladega '04. Fans showed their disapproval of Gordon, by tossing litter onto the track while he did his weak ass "victory burn-out". Too funny!

Beautiful picture ain't it? Jeff's FIRST crash of 2003

Hahahaha! Gordon gets caught up in a wreck at Darlington Speedway. His first crash of 2004!

Jeff Gordon # 24

Looks really pretty don't he?

Jeff Gordon is a driver in the (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) NASCAR Nextel Cup division. Why do I hate him? Firstly, he drives a Chevrolet. My first new car was a Chevy and I had nothing but problems with the car from the day I picked it up. It was in the shop for repair 13 times in the first 9 months of owning it. IT WAS A NEW CAR!!! Now don't get me wrong here...I don't hate all Chevy drivers. I just hate the ones who are whining crybabies and the fact that he drives a Chevy only makes it easier for me to hate him!

You gotta see this...Click here This page (due to it's large size) was moved to accommodate the hilarious photos and the the idiotic remarks (and my hilarious responses) to the losers of the world who signed my guestbook and proved to me, and the rest of the world that Gordon fans are not only idiots...but uneducated as well. It's The Jeff Gordon Fan's Wall of Shame

I had no idea that the guestbook would become a "message board". It's quite entertaining to watch people go at it on my guestbook. Unfortunately, some of these posts I had to delete due to obscenity. Sorry folks, but if you wanna talk dirty, call a 1-900 number. Care to flame all the Gordon lovers? Care to defend Jeffy's lack of driving skills? Click here!!! The New Jeff Gordon is a Pansie message board! Enjoy! Ohhh, and get 'em Cathy! You rock!

Gordon sorry, Marlin ticked: #24-Jeff Gordon spunout #40-Sterling Marlin Sunday (June 1st 2003) at Dover International Speedway early in the race. Gordon was apologetic. Marlin was furious. "The 24 got up under us and turned us around again," said Marlin, who wound up 35th. "That's twice in three races. It's getting kind of old. I don't know what's wrong with the 24, but we need to find out. You've got to give and take in this league, and he has done a lot of taking." Gordon called it a mistake, not an intentional act. He said his car might have hit the apron. He shot up toward the wall and caught the left rear of Marlin's Dodge. "I'm sure he's mad, and I was mad when I got hit by him one time in Richmond," Gordon said. "Hopefully, we'll get past it and move forward. He's not a guy I really talk to a lot and he doesn't talk to me a lot, so I guess we'll see each other on the race track."

After contact with Jeff Gordon, Sterling Marlin hits the inside wall at Dover.

Wondertwit was racing at the 2002 Food City 500 in Bristol, TN. Cupcake spins out without ANY help. No one was even near him! How's that for bad driving?

Thanks to Cathy and her husband for this great photo. She says the crowd went WiLd when Gordon wrecked at Bristol, and she should know...SHE WAS THERE!

Jeff Gordon even admits to being a crappy driver. At the 2002 Daytona 500, Gordon goes BELOW the yellow line (which should have black flagged him. Don't ask me why NASCAR didn't. They love their pansie boy.) and causes the 18 car pile up known as "The Big One". Following the wreck Gordon admits to causing it. Good car + great pit crew + crappy driver = DANGEROUS RACING!!!

This is the same guy who at the 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo 400 with Looney Tunes (The Rematch) was racing a golf cart on pit road with Bugs Bunny. The idiot FELL OUT of the golf cart during turn one, lap one!!PANSIE!


During the 2nd 2001 race at Darlington Raceway, Jeff is leading followed closely by Dale Jarrett. Dale gets a run on wonderputz and passes him with plenty of room. Jarrett goes inside and doesn't get anywhere near "pants pisser's' car. Gordo can be heard on the radio whining saying,"He tried to wreck me." During a slow motion replay it's very clear that Jarrett is no where near the 24. What a puss!!!!

One of "Butterfly Boy's" sponsors is Pepsi, (I laughed my ass off when he crashed at the 2001 Pepsi 400 with the "Pepsi" logo on his car) Whenever Gordon won a race, he fakes a drink of Pepsi then used to go over to his ex-wife and gave her a little fake kiss then the flaming rainbow walks over to his crew and hugs the hell out of them...they're all guys...(figure that one out for yourself). No wonder she divorced him on the grounds that the marriage was irrepairably damaged after his gross misconduct. I think Jeffy was gettin' a little misconduct on the side, from other GUYS!! That's the GROSS part! After fairy boy won at Watkin's Glen in 2001, he gets out of his car...does his little faking ritual and while being interviewed on TV sucks down an entire bottle of WATER. Then he asks for MORE water!!! C'mon you pansie...get real...you fake ass!

"What Jeff, no Pepsi?!"

My thoughts on The Winston 2001. "Wondergoober" crashes in turn 2 of lap 1 (Red Flag after rain). Gordon was booed during driver introductions and cheered when he crashed. Pussboy is interviewed after the accident with a tear in his eye (like a puss). Gomer decides to race a backup car and wins the race. What in the hell is NASCAR thinking?!?! Make his ass run the car he started with! NASCAR loves Gordon...it's obvious. Think they use Vasoline or KY Jelly? Too bad it wasn't for points Jeffy, your greed shows!

Look here for an exhaustively detailed article written about why so many people hate Jeff Gordon and why they boo him at races!

Jeff is known as the "Rainbow Warrior". Rainbows are for little girls and kitty cats, they don't belong painted on a race car.

Wonderboy's paint scheme looks pretty stupid in my opinion...it features really colorful flames...that's not the worst of it...next time you watch a NASCAR race make a special note of the team uniforms (or is that unicorns?)The flames on the sleeves and legs of the uniform make the entire team look like trapese artists in a circus.

See what I mean? The whole team's uniform looks like this. I expect to see Jeffy flying out of a cannon or something, followed by a "Tadaaahh" pose.

Jeff mixing it up with Bill Elliot at the DirectTV 500 in Texas

Wonderboy Wins NASCAR Officials...Not Fans

On the last lap of the 2001 Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway, Jeff Gordon is in 5th position. Tony Stewart is racing in 4th. Cupcake goes low and puts 2/3rds of the Flaming Rainbow (Flames?!?! See above for my thoughts on this)onto the apron to pass Tony Stewart's #20 Home Depot Pontiac, in the process hits Tony's car in the left rear and spins Tony around. Stewart finishes 25th because of it. (For more on Gordon's greedy racing...see below). Tony gets a little upset as you could expect, and rams Gordon in the pits following the checkered flag...spinning Gordon's #24 around. The incident brought cheers from fans in the stands but NASCAR officials hauled both of them into the Winston Cup trailer immediately following the race, only after Gordon was interviewed about the incident and greeted with boos from the fans. Stewart was fined $10,000 and put on probation for 5 months. Ok, so Tony gets fined...but here's another incident similar to this one...but make special note of the $ amount of the fines.

See video of the incident and get the facts from where I got them: NASCAR.com

On March 19, NASCAR officials fined Busch Series drivers Ryan Newman and Tim Fedewa $5,000 a piece and put Newman on probation until Dec. 31, 2001 for making contact with each other's cars following the checkered flag in the SunCom 200 at Darlington Raceway on March 17.

After the conclusion of the race on the 1.366-mile oval, Fedewa's car made contact with Newman's, causing it to spin out. Newman caught up with Fedewa's car on the pit access road -- not yet on pit road -- and ran into it, causing it to spin out.

My point here is...what is NASCAR saying here? Jeffy is so good that he's untouchable? What's with the huge fine put on Tony? The fact that they fined both drivers for a similar incident in the Busch series, but only fined Tony in this one. What gives? Oh...I forgot...Jeffy is such a star that he's never at fault. Who's pole position is Jeffy holding?

Why does Twinkie look like he's gonna cry?

I describe a very dangerous incident below at a Talladega race that not only shows Jeff's lack of respect for "the other guy", but his dangerous driving.

The first race at Talladega in the 2000 season...don't try to tell me Jeff ain't dangerous...yes the little wuss boy won but only after he drove THROUGH THE GRASS AND ALMOST CRASHED WITH RUSTY INTO THE WALL! Why in the world would you want to drive through the grass at speeds in upwards of 200 mph unless you can't handle losing? That ain't racin' that's suicide!

Look at this Gomer Pyle looking picture of "Cupcake". Now I see why most of his fans are little kids who don't know any better. They must think he's the Rainbow Power Ranger!

I got into watching NASCAR racing heavy in the 1999 season. For the first time I actually WATCHED the races and now, I live for Sundays! The best part of watching a Winston Cup race is seeing Jeff have problems. When his engine blew up at the 2000 Daytona 500, he could be seen in the pits wiping the smoke(I think it was more like tears)from his eyes.

Who do you think Jeff blamed this damage on?

Gordon's Greed

At the 4th race of the 2001 season in Atlanta, Jeff Gordon ran out of gas during the race. He ended up going a lap down because of his stupidity. Towards the end of the race Jeff's teammate, Jerry Nadeau, was leading. When a yellow flag came out, Jerry literally slowed to a crawl to let Jeffy get back on the lead lap. It was a considerate move in my opinion to let wonderboy back in the lead pack.
Here we go...last few laps of the race. Cupcake decides to shove his teammate (who let him back on the lead lap) from behind, pass him and not look back. Greedy SOB!!!!

Jeff Gordon caught cheating??? Noooo...of course not! Read on!

Loomis, Dodson fined by NASCAR for violations

February 27, 2001 5:48 PM EST (2248 GMT)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- NASCAR officials Tuesday announced penalties to NASCAR Winston Cup Series crew chiefs Robbie Loomis and Barry Dodson for rules violations found in inspections held in conjunction with last weekend's Dura Lube 400 at North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham.

Loomis, crew chief for the No. 24 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet that was driven to third by Jeff Gordon, was fined $25,000 when Gordon's car failed to meet the minimum height requirement following the race.

Loomis, who was fined $1,250 by NASCAR during Speedweeks 2001 at Daytona International Speedway for two separate rules violations was penalized at Rockingham under Section 12-4-T in the 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Series rule book: "...any car found to be under the specified height requirement after the completion of time trials or the race..."

Where was Jeffy's image consultant when this photo was taken?

Jeff was interviewed for "Inside NASCAR" magazine and complained that the worst part about being at the end of the year banquet(awards ceremony)was that when you're not the season's champion you get a "regular room" at the Waldorf Estoria in New York. Jeff, you're just lucky you even get to show your face at the banquet. How could you be so arrogant? At the 2000 awards banquet...he forgot to thank 2 of his sponsors...Huggies and "No More Tears" shampoo...hehehe

Here's some NOT so shocking info taken from a trusted source...Read on!

Gordon's Turn

Decked out in their rainbow colors, Jeff Gordon's fans stormed the Von Braun Center Friday in hopes of getting an autograph from their favorite NASCAR Winston Cup star at the Team GMAC Race Expo. But many went away upset and disappointed when Gordon announced to a crowd of more than 1,000 fans that he wouldn't be signing autographs. He said he was there only for a 90-minute question-and-answer session. That immediately brought boos from even some of his most die-hard fans. "I've been told that I won't be signing autographs," Gordon said. "Maybe the next time I come here we can set up a autograph session and that's all I will do. I'm sorry that I can't sign the things you brought here today." Fans were then given an opportunity to ask Gordon a question, but the majority of questions were of the same variety - ''Can I have your autograph?'' Gordon tried to smooth things over by offering to sign autographs for anyone less than four feet, six inches tall and younger than 16. But many fans left the event upset, including David Vaughn of Gurley, who was the first person to enter the race expo. "I stayed in line for five hours," Vaughn said. "My wife took off work and we checked my child out of school, but we couldn't get Jeff Gordon's autograph. It's not right and it's not fair. One guy drove all the way from Ohio with a picture of Jeff Gordon and he couldn't get it signed.

At this point I'd like to mention something I saw during a pre-race show aired on network television. Not sure which race...perhaps I will update this when I see it again. (I've got it somewhere on tape, but I know I have it!) Going into a break, Jeff Gordon can be seen walking toward the pit area, closely followed by fans wanting autographs. Just before the camera cuts away to a commercial break, Jeff is holding a fan's item (not sure what) that he signed, gets to the gated area and throws the fan's thing on the ground. If I spend $20 on a T-shirt, hat, diecast car, or other item, and I ask the driver to sign it...I don't expect him to throw it to the ground afterward. He should be happy I've asked him to sign it. PRICK!!

More pictures of the "Rainbow Wuss" splattering his car...ooooooh yeah!

Before you go and assume that I hope Wonderboy gets hurt or killed let me say this, I've NEVER wished harm on ANY driver(including Gordon). Auto racing can be a dangerous sport. It is however, an assumed risk. During the 2001 Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt was killed in the last turn, of the last lap. Although I wouldn't consider myself an Earnhardt fan, it is a tragedy whenever ANY driver is injured or killed. This page is black in tribute to Dale.

May he rest in peace.

Which drivers do I like? Easy...Mark Martin #6 (A true gentleman of the sport...and he doesn't whine!) Jeff "Pray For Rain" Burton #99(Any driver who can come from the back in qualifying to win the race with style and not whine, let alone lead all of the 300 laps like he did in 2000 at New Hampshire, earns my respect) Rusty Wallace #2 (great driver and best of all...he drives a beer label and doesn't whine) Kurt Busch #97 (shares his name with a beer brand and won at Bristol from 3 laps down...watch out for this kid...he's gonna be a champion! Oh...and he doesn't whine!)...and any other driver who is willing to smack up Jeffy and put him in the wall!

This diagram appears in the book "NASCAR for Dummies" by Mark Martin (One of my favorite drivers) on page 137. Notice the AMAZING similarity between the car doing the bumping and Jeff Gordon's Dupont Chevy. Coincidence? I think not!

Click picture for full size view. Don't believe me? Check the book!

This appeared on page 48 of MAD magazine #391, dated March 2000. Since it's a slam against Jeff Gordon, I had to post it here. Check out MAD magazine at www.madmag.com

Click picture for full size view.

Click here to visit NASCAR online and see how badly Jeff is sucking!

If you play computer racing games...and you haven't played NASCAR Racing 2002 Season...you're really missing out! NASCAR RAcing 2003 Season hits the shelves February 4th. I've already ordered my copy!Click here for more info (It rocks but has some fairly [or "Fairy" in Gordon's case]steep system requirements!). Join me online...I'll be playing as J.GordonSUX. See you in my rearview mirror!

I like the number 69...for obvious reasons...oh and 77 is cool too because you get ate more!

My favorite NASCAR moment is when Wonderboy rides out on the track at The Winston, during driver introductions, and fans at the track, stand and boo him! Listen for it next time during driver introductions. Give it up Jeffy move to Formula 1 with your fellow crybabies

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