Collinson Battery

Collinson Battery



This battery is a unique design. Its outlook is different from other batteries in Hong Kong, round-shape construction, with right angle shaped holes for sunlight and air above.

I took the photo of the battery starting from 1999.Everytime I went there, the road was changed( more undergrown). The 2 search light positions (both the road and themselves) down the cliff are damaged heavily. Thus be careful.

Please be remind that this battery together with its search light positions are a hot site for illegal immigrates. If you find any suspect, please call the police.

No enlarged photo due to limited Web storage.


In 1934, War office in London setup a plan to restrength Hong Kong's artillery. Three batteries with 6 inch guns would be constructed in this plan. One was Collinson Battery ( overlook Junk Bay and Eastern Victoria Harbour), the other 2 were Jubilee Battery and Chung Am Kok.

The construction of Collinson Battery was delayed until 1936 ( the gun was mounted until June 1938).

P.S. In documents stated that there are 2 guns mounted here. But only 1 gun mount can be seen. If anyone knows the truth, please E-mail me.



This is the round shape construction( with holes in its bottom, interconnected with inside, I don't know the why it is design like this. If anyone knows the truth, please E-mail me). Together with the holes above it.


Part of the Battery that used for may be used for placing the gun.

r another part of the Battery

Used to transport the weight.

Military Situation

There is a huge construction with gun mount, 2 rooms, together with several bunkers, 2 search light positions next to the coast.


On 18th -19th Dec 1941

The Battery was operated by the 36th Coast Battery, 8th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery, which is part of Eastern Fire Command. As the Japs landing on Hong Kong Island North and on 18th night and advancing towards Tai Tam (where it is the only road in between Hong Kong East and West, if it is being captured, the Collinson Battery will be isolated).

On 19th morning, the Battery was ordered to be destroyed. Together with the personnel from Bokhara and Chung Am Kok Batteries, they evacuated to Stanley.


A search light position on the Southern side.

Close view of the position above.

Another search light position on the Northern side.

P.S. All above 3 photo were taken in 1999. From 2003, they can't be seen from the road above as heavily undergrown.



These photo were taken on 2/2003. Thx for the route teaching from Rob Weir

The left side is the northern searchlight position, while the right side is the southern searchlight.

Side view of the southern position.

Entry of the position. Notice that its side is collapsed.

Inside of it. It have a good view to the Eastern sea.

Top of the searchlight. NEVER step on it.

Remains of iron fence stand.

Stairs were damaged as time passed.

The northern position. It collapsed more serious.

The front part of the position is collapsed.



How to get there: 1) From the Shau Kei Wan MTR station take a no.9 bus. get off at the junction in Collinson Road and Shek O Road. Walk for about 30 minutes along the Collusion Road. 2) Take a mini bus, no.18M, in Chai Wan MTR station. Ask the driver to let you get off when reaching the destination.

Then you can see a small white house on your right hand side behind a sign of Cape Collinson Correctional Institution. Just next to the house, there is a small path upwards. Just following the path for about 10 minutes you will see the battery.


The Path is just next to this white house. P.S The sign stated that this area is belonged to correctional institute, but just ignore it, they wouldn't shoot you.

Updated 6.5.2004