Young Allies

First Appearance: Young Allies Comics #1 (Summer 1941).
Golden Age Appearances: Young Allies Comics #1-20, Amazing Comics #1, Captain America Comics #8, Complete Comics #2, Kid Komics #2-10, Marvel Mystery Comics #75-83, Mystic Comics #4, Sub-Mariner Comics #22.
Modern Appearances: None.
Dates Active: 1941-?

Bucky (I) and Toro decided, one day, that they had too much spare time and that juvenile crime was a serious problem. So they went into the depths of New York City and gathered together four kids: Percival Aloysius Knuckles O'Toole, a kid from Brooklyn with a faux-Dead-End Kids speech impediment; Jefferson Worthington Sandervilt, a rich kid and inventor; Henry Tubby Tinkle, the requisite fat kid--all teen gangs had to have one back in the day; and Whitewash Jones, the stereotypical black kid from Harlem.

Together this group fought crime and struck terror into the hearts of the Axis. No, really, they did. For twenty issues they managed this. God only knows how....

Note: Can you tell that I loathe not just this particular comic and not just anything having to do with the Dead End Kids, but this entire genre of comic? Is it obvious how much I can't stand all of those things?

It is?


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