Comet Pierce

First Appearance: Red Raven Comics #1 (August 1940).
Golden Age Appearances: Red Raven Comics #1.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 2150-?

"Time may change civilization, custom and speech, but it can never erase man's craving for adventure and 45 B.C. he may have been Caius Marcus, a Roman charioteer, or Cyclone Smith, an auto racer, at the Indiannapolis (sic) dirt track in 1940...but in the year 2150 A.D. his name is Comet Pierce and he mans a flaming metal meteor called a rocket."

Comet is one of four men racing towards Jupiter from Earth. Unfortunately, "bad apples never change either, even in the Twenty-Second Century. Avis Jort is one of the worst of the lot." Avis sabotages Comet's ship so that it crashes on "the ashy soil of a small asteroid." Comet, still unconscious, is threatened by a "crawling serpentine horror whose ageless sleep beneath the little planet's bleak surface is disturbed by Comet's crack-up." The long, tentacled worm is about to kill Comet when it is backshot by a heat gun.

Comet awakens to find a boar-headed Plutonian and a beautiful blonde human staring at him. She tells him that "I've followed your adventurous life, Comet Pierce" and that she's fallen in love with him. She gives him her solar engine so that he can win his race. He does, knocks out Jort to punish him, and then goes searching for his mystery women. He searches "the cracked, smoking surface of sun scorched Mercury" and "the fetid, steaming, semi-liquid soil of Venus." Comet "interrogates a Gharu chieftain in sign language." Finally on Jupiter's moon, Callisto, he rescues the Plutonian from "the crushing embrace of a Devil Tree" and then is reunited with the blonde, who has a hidden city on "icy Saturn." Comet, on meeting his mystery woman, says,

Hello beautiful, remember me? Now don't interrupt me. I know everything. I know you're the rebel queen, Laraina, of Martian Zoranthus, now under the heel of that traitor, Golak. I also know you're recruiting an army to win back your country's freedom. Well, I'm here! Your fight is my fight--let me stay?
And that was it for this Kirby character. No more appearances for him, alas. Comet had an all-green spaceman pilot's suit and a heat gun; he had no superpowers but was (of course) good in a fight and was a top pilot.

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