Dare Devils 3

First Appearance: Kid Komics #3 (Fall 1943).
Golden Age Appearances: Kid Komics #3.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active:

Once again, Ronald Byrd has done this site yeoman service, and rather than summarize him I'll simply quote him verbatim:

It's a shame that Dare Devils 3 appeared only in Kid Comics #3, because somebody seems to have put some level of thought into it.  Our story opens with the closing of a garment plant, and we follow three friends and fellow workers:  Clancy, Goldy, and Off-Key (a young Chinese man whose speech irregularities are, at first, limited to an occasional tendency to refer to himself third person; Off-Key is the only one presented to have any sort of social life, as he has a girlfriend named Lucy Lee (needless to add, also Chinese)).  At loose ends now, the three decide to join the Army Air Force. Clancy and Goldy become pilots, but because Off-Key holds two degrees from engineering college (yet he was working in a garment plant; rather a depressingly accurate view of how things were for non-whites in the 1940s, huh?), he is sent to mechanic training.  The three reunite when Off-Key is appointed to Clancy and Goldy's plane (inexplicably, Off-Key has developed a cliched Chinese accent, not as bad as Blackhawk's Chop-Chop, but still noticeable; I guess the writer lost his train of thought), and they fly a bombing mission over Egypt (at one point, out of ammo, Off-Key substitutes liquid rotten eggs to incapacitate the enemy).  When the trio recover in an army hospital, Lucy Lee is present as a nurse, and she and Off-Key are to be married.  Brief and to the point, if a bit more mundane than the name "Dare Devils 3" implied.

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