Captain Daring (II) & his Sky-Sharks

First Appearance: USA Comics #7 (February 1943).
Golden Age Appearances: USA Comics #7.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1941-?

Captain Daring (II) and the Sky-Sharks are a crack team of fighter pilots somewhat similar to Quality's Blackhawks. They are not so distinctively multinational, however, and lack the Blackhawks' unique planes. They also lack the cool origin of the Blackhawks; neither Captain Daring (II) nor the Sky-Sharks) were ever given an origin. They also lack the distinctive personalities and names of the Blackhawks; none of the Sky-Sharks are named, and Captain Daring (II) is an entirely ordinary Thunk Squarechesttm hero. None of the group have any superpowers, but they are all good pilots and good brawlers.

Note: That's Captain Daring throwing a pot of hot water on to a German officer during a light-hearted brawl; I couldn't fit the rest of the Sky-Sharks into the picture, unfortunately. There just weren't many good images of either Daring or the Sky-Sharks for me to use, and this one, believe it or not, was the best I could find.

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