Captain Dash

First Appearance: Comedy Comics #9 (April 1942)
Golden Age Appearances: Comedy Comics #9.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 31st Century-?

Captain Dash lives in New York City in the 31st Century. He is the leader of the security air fleet for New York City. In his only appearance he leads the air fleet against Marmon, a dictator from Eastern Asia. Captain Dash has no superpowers, but is a good fighter and has lots of superscientific weapons at his disposal.

Note: Captain Dash is in all likelihood a redrawn Captain Daring (I), with the "Captain Dash" story having lain around in inventory for a while until needed, and then touched up a little, or just the name "Captain Daring" having been removed and "Captain Dash" drawn in. This was probably what was done with the Blue Blade and the Fourth Musketeer, among others, and was, if not standard practice, not unknown during the Golden Age.

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