Davey and the Demon

First Appearance: Mystic Comics #7 (December 1941).
Golden Age Appearances: Mystic Comics #7-10.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1941-?

One night young Davey Drew sneaks out of his orphanage and goes exploring. He finds a cave. From behind the rear wall of the cave comes a voice asking to be freed. Davey, perhaps not thinking things through quite clearly, follows the voice's instructions and lets loose the Demon, who was imprisoned behind the wall "in the days before time began" because he had done harm "on other planets throughout all eternity." But as a gesture of gratitude to Davey he swears not to hurt him, and he gives Davey a cloak that will protect him.

Then the Demon goes out on a rampage. Davey, feeling some guilt, tries to stop him. Davey proves to be useless in the Demon-stopping department. One thing leads to another and the "Prince of Good," a magician who imprisoned the Demon in the cave in "primordial times," ends up appearing. The Prince fights the Demon and eventually traps him underground.

The Demon has vaguely defined magical powers, but is big and has superstrength. Davey has little going for him except guile.

Note: I think "Davey and the Demon" has a lot of potential; it could go either the route of DC's Johnny Thunder, with Davey commanding the demon to fight evil, or Stanley and his Monster, with Davey being actually childlike and the Demon being not quite so evil, and the entire strip being comedic. Sorry if I keep harping on the potential of these old characters, but I think they do, and I think that it's a shame and a waste that Marvel isn't making more use of them. DC does with many of their old characters. Not as often as they could, and they, too have wasted characters, but DC has still made some use of many of their Golden Age characters. I see no compelling reason why Marvel shouldn't be doing the same, and I think Jemas' and Quesada's notion that the comic-reading audience is only interested in new things is misguided, to say the least.

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