First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #6 (September 1940).
Golden Age Appearances: Daring Mystery Comics #6.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 2551 B.C.E.-?

Millennia ago, during the time of the 4th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Pharaonic Egypt, the civilization of Korug came to power and prominence. "It was endowed the magnificent architecture and advanced culture that was created by the wisdom of the wisemen and the learned patriarchs." During the flowering of Korug a boy named Lagaro was born. Lagaro, "which, translated, means Dynaman, Man of Power!" grew to adulthood and, because of his advanced mental and physical abilities, "became the pride of the kingdom."

Unfortunately, for reasons never specified, Korug sank beneath the waves. (We're supposed to assume that Korug is actually Atlantis, I think.) Dynaman, showing very little grief, flies away from the sinking Korug and goes to Egypt. Once there he helps "Pharaoh Khufor" to defeat the attacks of the "Tribe of Gurban," who live in the Upper Valley of the Nile.

Dynaman can fly, has superstrength, needs only read a book once to memorize it, and is a good fighter.

Note: The Pharaoh in the story is "Pharaoh Khufor," but it's clear (at least, to me it is) that what the writer really meant to write was "Pharaoh Khufu," aka Cheops, aka Kheops, aka Suphis I, who reigned from 2551-2528 B.C.E. It's nice being able to place exact dates to these kinds of stories.

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