First Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #4 (February 1940).
Golden Age Appearances: Marvel Mystery Comics #4-19.
Modern Appearances: Marvels #1.
Years Active: 1940-?

The reclusive and brilliant Professor Philo Zog wants to help mankind. So he creates a super robot which he calls Electro. Electro is capable of many things; he has superstrength, can run over 100 miles per hour, can perform Hulk-leaps across many miles, and is invulnerable to bullets and cannon fire. Prof. Zog then recruits a dozen men to use as operatives against evil, crime, and foreign subversion in the U.S. Zog tells the men, including Dick Gardner, Operative #3, the best of the group, that they can use Electro when and if they need him, summoning him with a tiny wireless phone. At times Professor Zog communicates with his operatives by projecting his own face on to Electro's head. The group, and Electro, begin by fighting ordinary crime but as time goes by Electro's adventures verge on the fantastic; in one story Electro goes to another planet and helps its inhabitants fight against evil aliens.

Professor Zog, for his part, is a very wealthy man and a brilliant inventor and scientist. In addition to Electro and his dozen operatives, he is assisted by his valet, Mr. Burke, and his secretary Wilkins.

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