Doug Johnson
aka "Jap Buster Johnson"

First Appearance: USA Comics #6 (December 1942).
Golden Age Appearances: USA Comics #6-15, All Select Comics #2, 8, 9, Complete Comics #2, Kid Komics #6, 8-10.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1941-?

Doug Johnson is a native Bostonian and a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Air Force. He is serving on an American aircraft carrier "steaming off the Hawaiian Islands" when his carrier is strafed by a Japanese Zero fighter. Doug's best friend Dave Nichols is killed during the attack, and in retaliation Doug hops in his fighter and goes out to wipe out a wing of Zeroes. Not content with that, Doug then puts on a Japanese uniform, hops in a Zero, flies to a secret Japanese island base somewhere in the Pacific, infiltrates it and calls in an air raid to destroy it. And that's only in his first appearance. The rest of his episodes (the ones I've read, anyhow) are pretty much like that: lots of action with a high body count across the Pacific, with Johnson continually invoking Dave's name as justification for his wholesale slaughter of the Japanese.

Doug is quite bloodthirsty and very willing to massacre hundreds and even thousands of Japanese; his nickname of "Jap Buster Johnson" is well-earned. He has no superpowers but is, of course, a good fighter.

Notes: I realize that using the word "Jap" to describe someone of Japanese heritage/descent/ethnicity isn't cool, but that's the name of the character. The strip itself was horribly stereotypical, with bucktoothed, squint-eyed Japanese soldiers, but that's wartime propaganda for you.

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