Major Liberty

First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (August 1941).
Golden Age Appearances: USA Comics #1-4.
Modern Appearances: USAgent #3 (referred to in passing), Guardians of the Galaxy #19-20 (referred to in passing).
Years Active: 1941-?

John Liberty, a Professor of American History, is outraged over Nazi saboteurs' actions when he is visited by a ghost of Paul Revere. Revere judges Libert's patriotism to be worthy and transforms him into the red-coat-and-ruffles-costumed Major Liberty. Liberty then uses his new powers to fight against Axis threats to America's homefront.

Major Liberty can summon up the ghosts of past American patriots, such as Paul Revere and other Minutemen, to aid him in helping America and battling the forces of evil.

Note: Major Liberty is mentioned not once but twice in modern era comics, thus solidly cementing his presence in modern Marvel continuity. He was included on a list of patriotic heroes seen in USAgent #3, and when Major Vance Astro, aka Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy, aka Justice of the New Warriors, took the name "Major Victory" in Guardians of the Galaxy #19-20 he said he did so as a tribute to an "obscure hero" of the Golden Age.

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