First Appearance: Red Raven Comics #1 (August 1940).
Golden Age Appearances: Red Raven Comics #1.
Modern Appearances: Marvel Universe #6-7.
Years Active: c. 1,000,000 B.C.E.-present (see below).

Rich Bellacera's excellent Mercury Micro"From High Olympus, celestial retreat of the ancient gods, comes Mercury, the fleet. He is sent by Jupiter, the All Wise, to the tumultous (sic), war torn world of the Twentieth Century. Mankind must be saved from self destruction and Mercury has been chosen to battle the Evil One who is spurring man to this disastrous end--Pluto, Prince of Darkness!!!" Jupiter and Minerva are worried about "poor, foolish, little mortals. They are so easily tempted by visions of glory--visions that stir them to kill their own kind." Minerva suggests that Jupiter send a god to "halt Pluto's ghastly pastime." Jupiter runs through the gods--Vulcan is too similar to Pluto, Aeolus is too contented, Diana "for all her ferocity is still a woman--and Pluto knows women," and Apollo is too irresponsible and vain--and finally settles on Mercury. He summons Mercury:

Narrator: Mercury finds a council of the gods awaiting him as majestic Jupiter outlines the task the fleet, young god must fulfill.

Mercury: "Long have I hoped for this chance. I go!"

Jupiter: "Let one quotation of modern mortals serve as parting words, son. I want you to lick the pants off that demon Pluto."

Mercury: "It's in the bag, all wisest."

Mercury descends to Earth and finds that Pluto is disguised as "Rudolph Hendler...the fiery, fuming dictator" of "Prussland." Mercury confronts Pluto and then begins foiling his war plans. Mercury defeats attempts to stop him by "Heinrich Goertz," the head of Prussland's "Sturm Staffel," and by "the beautiful Thea Shilhausen, alias L-5." The story, Mercury's only Golden Age appearance, ends with Mercury intercepting every one of Pluto's orders before they reach a battlefield and Pluto becoming angry with Mercury.

In Marvel Universe it was revealed that Mercury and Hurricane were both the EternalsMakkari, posing as a human hero to fight crime and especially the evils of the Deviants.

Mercury had superspeed and was bulletproof. His costume consisted of a winged headband, winged yellow boots, and very short yellow trunks.

Note: The illustration above is actually Rich Bellacera's Micro, combining Hurricane (the one in trunks and winged boots), Mercury (the one with white eyes, winged boots, and red trunks and belly plate), Major Mercury of the First Line, and Makkari, all of whom were Makkari in current Marvel continuity.

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