Miss Patriot

Rich Bellacera's excellent Miss Patriot MicroFirst Appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #50 (December 1943).
Golden Age Appearances: Marvel Mystery Comics #50.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1943.

Miss Patriot is actually Mary Morgan, the petite amie, "girl Friday," and sidekick to the Patriot; as Mary Morgan her first appearance was in Marvel Mystery Comics #29 (March 1942). As Mary Morgan she is a news reporter and friend to Jeff Mace, the civilian identity of the Patriot, but she does not know who he is. In Marvel Mystery Comics #50, however, she is kidnaped by the wicked Dr. Groitzig and the villainous Signore Scharrolla and used as a test subject for a super-soldier serum. This experiment leaves Mary with super-vision and super-hearing, and she uses these abilities to capture the two dastards who experimented on her. (The text of the story refers to her as Miss Patriot, although she never calls herself that.) By the next issue of Marvel Mystery Comics her powers had disappeared and Mary's identity as Miss Patriot was never followed up on or mentioned again.

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