Monstro the Mighty

First Appearance: Comedy Comics #10 (June 1942).
Golden Age Appearances: Comedy Comics #10.
Modern Apperances: None.
Years Active: ?-? (see below)

Monstro is the son of the war god Mars. For centuries Monstro fought in a number of wars in the mortal world until he finally grew weary of the violence and the bloodshed. He made the mistake of tellling Mars about this, unfortunately, and Mars literally knocked Monstro into the 1940s. Monstro manifested himself in the United States, but because he is a giant, 50' tall or more, he was initially treated as a King Kong-like threat. He was eventually befriended by Major Crash of the Flying Intelligence Service and by Major Crash's mechanic/bodyguard Hook, a former boxer, and with their help defeated the forces of the female spy Little Poison. And then he vanished, never to appear in the comics again.

Monstro was a giant, as mentioned, and the son of a god. Monstro was not nearly as solemn as other god-types, like Hurricane or Mercury.

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