Masked Raider

First Appearance: Marvel Comics #1 (October 1939).
Golden Age Appearances: Marvel Comics #1-12.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1835?-?

The Masked Raider is actually rancher Jim Gardley, a relatively young cowpoke. Gardley is asked to help muscle all the small ranchers in the area into selling their ranchers to a powerful local rancher. Gardley refuses and is framed for rustling as a result. He breaks out of jail, takes supplies from his own ranch, and then spends weeks training, perfecting his aim and his draw, as well as winning the trust of a wild white horse that he names "Lightning." (This takes place in the days when Texas is still debating whether to become a separate country or not.) He wears a red shirt, black pants, brown boots, a white hat, and a full-head black mask. In one story he was assisted by one Mexican Pete, but Pete turns out to be more of a local ne'er-do-well.

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