First Appearance: USA Comics #1 (August 1941).
Golden Age Appearances: USA Comics #1-4.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1941-?

Rockman (he doesn't seem to have any other name) is the leader/king of the underground kingdom of Abysmia, which is located somewhere underneath the United States and consists of the descendants of the first white inhabitants of the American continent. Rockman has been monitoring events aboveground for some time when he finally loses his patience with current events. He leaves for the surface to help America against its enemies. He does so, of course, showing little mercy.

Rockman has the resources of an entire nation at his disposal. He has access to advanced science, including monitoring equipment and a "digger car." He also has various superpowers, including exceptional speed, a supertough body, limited superstrength, no need for oxygen, and an immunity to the pressures of the sea depths. He is also a stout hand-to-hand fighter.

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