Roko the Amazing

First Appearance: USA Comics #5 (Summer 1942).
Golden Age Appearances: USA Comics #5.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1942-?

Lon Crag is a high school art student and a great patriot. One day in his room he is drawing a picture of Menelaos when the picture comes to life and grants him a wish. Lon, being patriotic and all, says that he wants to be "a great and good Captain America!" Menelaos, seeing that Lon is worthy of receving a wish like this, tells Lon that when he says "Ilium" (or "Illium," as in the panel above--it was none too consistent) he "will have the wisdom of Ulysses, the battle-prowess of Agamemnon and the invulnerability of Achilles" as well as Achilles' weakness.

Lon, being no dummy, says the word and turns into a tall, muscular man with a small, round, red shield (with the triskelion, the Greek three-dancing-legs design on it), and goes off to fight evil.

As "Roko" Lon as the powers of Ulysses, Agamemno, and Achilles. He also has superstrength and the ability to fly.

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