Li'l Professor and Rudy the Robot

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #8 (January 1942).
Golden Age Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #8.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1942-?

The Professor (no last name) lives with his wife and their son (or perhaps grandson) Oswald in domestic happiness. Well, not really, since the Professor and his wife squabble a lot, and the wife doesn't approve of Rudy. The Professor, an inventor, comes up with his "latest and most successful invention," Rudy the Robot. Rudy is controlled thuswise:

Y'see, Oswald, this instrument strapped around my waist has a keyboard just like a typewriter which controls the robot--suppose I want a book--I push the letter "B"...I concentrate on the word "book" and Rudy's mind is so sensitive it catches my thought waves.
Despite the obvious sentience of Rudy (when he's threatened with being junked, he cries) the Professor orders Rudy around, having him paint the house and do other menial work. A crime boss called "The Groom," however, sees the value of Rudy (at least, for crime) and tries to steal him. The Professor, who is feisty and a good fighter despite his age, foils this plot with the help of Rudy. Rudy has a burglar alarm attached to him, is programmed for fighting, has a robot's aim and a robot's superstrength.

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