Secret Stamp

First Appearance: USA Comics #7 (February 1943).
Golden Age Appearances: USA Comics #7-9.
Modern Appearances: None.
Years Active: 1943-?

Roddy Colt is a New York schoolboy who, when crime occurs or danger threatens the USA, puts on "the good old uniform of victory" and becomes The Secret Stamp. He is known and admired--the Stamp, that is--and is a good rabble rouser in the name of patriotism. Colt always pulls a Clark Kent when the Stamp is needed and emerges later to claim that he got lost or some such excuse. The Stamp has no powers but is a good fighter.

Notes: This strip always struck me as being little more than a big ad for US War Bonds, but the Secret Stamp is at least nominally superheroic, so he merits entry here. The strip bores me silly, though, so I'm not going to spend too much time on him or his (ugh) costume.

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