Father Time

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #6 (September 1941).
Golden Age Appearances: Captain America Comics #6-12, Mystic Comics #10, Young Allies #3.
Modern Appearances: Captain America #383.
Years Active: Beginning of the Universe-?

Rich Bellacera's excellent Father Time MicroLarry Scott is a good-hearted young man with a problem. His father has been convicted of murder and faces the electric chair. Larry knows that his father is innocent and is trying his best to prove this. Unfortunately, Larry is too late, and his father is executed by the state. Naturally, Larry is more than a little peeved by this, but rather than direct his anger against the state or against unjust executions, he swears an oath to "make time work against criminals instead of the innocent." So he dons a mask and hood, takes up a big scythe, and uses that and his fists to fight crime and evil.

In the modern era, however, it was revealed that Larry had been an Elder of the Universe all along, and that in his own land he was obsessed with time and with the symbols of America. He tried but failed to get Captain America to join the other symbols of America, like Johnny Appleseed, and become a legend, rather than continuing to live as a man.

In the Golden Age Father Time had no powers beyond his skill as a brawler. The retconned Father Time has all the powers of an Elder of the Universe.

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